• Ellis, Nathan (PI)
  • Steck, T. (PI)
  • Reardon, C. (PI)
  • Sitrin, M. (PI)
  • Meredith, S. (PI)
  • Polonsky, K. (PI)
  • Teng, B. (PI)
  • Swift, H. (PI)
  • Musch, M. (PI)
  • Jabri, Bana (PI)
  • Davis, B. (PI)
  • Ma, Averil (PI)
  • Turner, Jerrold (PI)
  • Bissonnette, Bruce Marc (PI)
  • Davidson, N. (PI)
  • Brasitus, T. (PI)
  • Chang, E. (PI)

Project: Research project

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This application is for a proposed Digestive Diseases Center at the
University of Chicago. The proposed Center will be a multidisciplinary and
cooperative endeavor involving over 30 investigators in the Departments of
Medicine, Pediatrics, Biochem. & Molec. Biology, Pharm. Phys. Sci. and
Pathology. The aims of the Center are: 1) to foster digestive diseases-
related research in a supportive, integrative, collaborative and
multidisciplinary manner; 2) to enhance the basic research capabilities of
established digestive diseases investigators; 3) to encourage
investigators not involved in digestive diseases-related research to become
interested in pursuing problems related to this important area of
investigation; 4) to develop and implement programs for training and
establishment of young investigators in digestive diseases-related
research; 5) to eventually facilitate the transfer of new research
findings to the clinical area; and 6) to inform others in both
professional and lay settings of the accomplishments, opportunities and
advances in digestive diseases-related research. This application contains proposals for five core laboratories (Cell
Culture, Molecular Biology, Ultrastructure, Protein and Peptide Analysis,
Biochemistry and Biophysics) to foster digestive diseases-related research,
Pilot and Feasibility Studies and New Investigator Award programs to foster
participation of younger and established investigators in research related
to digestive diseases and an Administrative Core to oversee the operation
of the proposed Center as a whole. Taken together, these objectives and
components define the proposed University of Chicago Digestive Diseases
Effective start/end date1/1/9011/30/20


  • National Institutes of Health


  • Medicine(all)


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