• Lohman, Timothy G (PI)

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The purpose of this project is to develop a consensus among experts from
various disciplines on selection of anthropometric dimensions for use in
various research and clinical settings and in healthy and unhealthy
populations. A conference on standardization of anthropometry will
finalize the selection process and presentations will be made on the use of
anthropometry to estimate body composition in terms of percent body fat,
fat distribution and lean body mass, minimal weight and frame size.
Applications of the standardized set of dimensions will be made to various
populations including acutely ill, obese, diabetic, infants and children,
and subjects with coronary heart disease. Following the conference, a
major aim of the project will be to publish a reference manual of
measurement procedures, including accurate terminology and measurement
protocol for each anthropometric dimension. The selection of
anthropometric sites will be based on a careful analysis of the literature
related to reliability, objectivity and validity. Such a reference manual
is needed to improve the quality of research, the generalizability of
research findings and to increase the clinical utility of anthropometry.
Presently, experts in medicine, nutrition, physical anthropology, human
biology, sports medicine and physical education all use anthropometry a for
various purposes but variation in the measurement procedures and selection
of sites are major limitations in interpreting scientific studies in the
various disciplines and in applying the results to clinical situations.
With the publication of a set of standardized procedures and its use by the
scientific community, the accuracy and applicability of future research
using anthropometry will be greatly enhanced.
Effective start/end date5/1/8510/31/86


  • National Institutes of Health


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