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  • Optical polarisation of 2MASS QSOs

    Smith, P. S. (Creator), Schmidt, G. D. (Creator), Hines, D. C. (Creator), Cutri, R. M. (Creator) & Nelson, B. O. (Creator), Centre de Donnees Strasbourg (CDS), 2003


  • A 10yr reverberation mapping campaign for 3C273

    Zhang, Z. (Creator), Du, P. (Creator), Smith, P. S. (Creator), Zhao, Y. (Creator), Hu, C. (Creator), Xiao, M. (Creator), Li, Y. (Creator), Huang, Y. (Creator), Wang, K. (Creator), Bai, J. (Creator), Ho, L. C. (Creator), Wang, J. (Creator) & Ho, L. C. (Creator), Centre de Donnees Strasbourg (CDS), 2020


  • Hard X-ray-emitting AGNs

    Silverman, J. D. (Creator), Green, P. J. (Creator), Barkhouse, W. A. (Creator), Kim, D.-W. (Creator), Aldcroft, T. L. (Creator), Cameron, R. A. (Creator), Wilkes, B. J. (Creator), Mossman, A. (Creator), Ghosh, H. (Creator), Tananbaum, H. (Creator), Smith, M. G. (Creator), Smith, R. C. (Creator), Smith, P. S. (Creator), Foltz, C. (Creator), Wik, D. (Creator) & Jannuzi, B. T. (Creator), Centre de Donnees Strasbourg (CDS), 2005


  • 3C 279 optical photometry and polarimetry

    Kiehlmann, S. (Creator), Savolainen, T. (Creator), Jorstad, S. G. (Creator), Sokolovsky, K. V. (Creator), Schinzel, F. K. (Creator), Marscher, A. P. (Creator), Larionov, V. M. (Creator), Agudo, I. (Creator), Akitaya, H. (Creator), Benitez, E. (Contributor), Berdyugin, A. (Creator), Blinov, D. A. (Creator), Bochkarev, N. G. (Creator), Borman, G. A. (Creator), Burenkov, A. N. (Creator), Casadio, C. (Creator), Doroshenko, V. T. (Creator), Efimova, N. V. (Creator), Fukazawa, Y. (Creator), Gomez, J. L. (Contributor), Grishina, T. S. (Creator), Hagen-Thorn, V. A. (Creator), Heidt, J. (Creator), Hiriart, D. (Creator), Itoh, R. (Creator), Joshi, M. (Creator), Kawabata, K. S. (Creator), Kimeridze, G. N. (Creator), Kopatskaya, E. N. (Creator), Korobtsev, I. V. (Creator), Krajci, T. (Creator), Kurtanidze, O. M. (Creator), Kurtanidze, S. O. (Creator), Larionova, E. G. (Creator), Larionova, L. V. (Creator), Lindfors, E. (Creator), Lopez, J. M. (Contributor), McHardy, I. M. (Creator), Molina, S. N. (Creator), Moritani, Y. (Creator), Morozova, D. A. (Creator), Nazarov, S. V. (Creator), Nikolashvili, M. G. (Creator), Nilsson, K. (Creator), Pulatova, N. G. (Creator), Reinthal, R. (Creator), Sadun, A. (Creator), Sasada, M. (Creator), Savchenko, S. S. (Creator), Sergeev, S. G. (Creator), Sigua, L. A. (Creator), Smith, P. S. (Creator), Sorcia, M. (Creator), Spiridonova, O. I. (Creator), Takaki, K. (Creator), Takalo, L. O. (Creator), Taylor, B. (Creator), Troitsky, I. S. (Creator), Uemura, M. (Creator), Ugolkova, L. S. (Creator), Ui, T. (Creator), Yoshida, M. (Creator), Zensus, J. A. (Creator) & Zhdanova, V. E. (Creator), Centre de Donnees Strasbourg (CDS), 2016


  • {gamma}-ray to IR study of the blazar CTA 102

    Casadio, C. (Creator), Gómez, J. L. (Contributor), Jorstad, S. G. (Creator), Marscher, A. P. (Creator), Larionov, V. M. (Creator), Smith, P. S. (Creator), Gurwell, M. A. (Creator), Lähteenmäki, A. (Contributor), Agudo, I. (Creator), Molina, S. N. (Creator), Bala, V. (Creator), Joshi, M. (Creator), Taylor, B. (Creator), Williamson, K. E. (Creator), Arkharov, A. A. (Creator), Blinov, D. A. (Creator), Borman, G. A. (Creator), Paola, A. D. (Creator), Grishina, T. S. (Creator), Hagen-Thorn, V. A. (Creator), Itoh, R. (Creator), Kopatskaya, E. N. (Creator), Larionova, E. G. (Creator), Larionova, L. V. (Creator), Morozova, D. A. (Creator), Rastorgueva-Foi, E. (Creator), Sergeev, S. G. (Creator), Tornikoski, M. (Creator), Troitsky, I. S. (Creator), Thum, C. (Creator) & Wiesemeyer, H. (Creator), Centre de Donnees Strasbourg (CDS), 2016