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  • Brightest high-z galaxies in RELICS clusters

    Salmon, B. (Creator), Coe, D. (Creator), Bradley, L. (Creator), Bouwens, R. (Creator), Bradač, M. (Contributor), Huang, K. (Creator), Oesch, P. A. (Creator), Stark, D. P. (Creator), Sharon, K. (Creator), Trenti, M. (Creator), Avila, R. J. (Creator), Ogaz, S. (Creator), Andrade-Santos, F. (Creator), Carrasco, D. (Creator), Cerny, C. (Creator), Dawson, W. (Creator), Frye, B. L. (Creator), Hoag, A. (Creator), Johnson, T. L. (Creator), Jones, C. (Creator), Lam, D. (Creator), Lovisari, L. (Creator), Mainali, R. (Creator), Past, M. (Creator), Paterno-Mahler, R. (Creator), Peterson, A. (Creator), Riess, A. G. (Creator), Rodney, S. A. (Creator), Ryan, R. E. (Creator), Sendra-Server, I. (Creator), Strait, V. (Creator), Strolger, L. (Creator), Umetsu, K. (Creator), Vulcani, B. (Creator), Zitrin, A. (Creator), Coe, D. (Creator), Bradley, L. (Creator), Ryan, R. E. (Creator) & Umetsu, K. (Creator), Centre de Donnees Strasbourg (CDS), 2021


  • RELICS: Reionization Lensing Cluster Survey

    Oguri, M. (Creator), Coe, D. (Creator), Salmon, B. (Creator), Bradač, M. (Contributor), Bradley, L. D. (Creator), Sharon, K. (Creator), Zitrin, A. (Creator), Acebron, A. (Creator), Cerny, C. (Creator), Cibirka, N. (Creator), Strait, V. (Creator), Paterno-Mahler, R. (Creator), Mahler, G. (Creator), Avila, R. J. (Creator), Ogaz, S. (Creator), Huang, K. (Creator), Pelliccia, D. (Creator), Stark, D. P. (Creator), Mainali, R. (Creator), Oesch, P. A. (Creator), Trenti, M. (Creator), Carrasco, D. (Creator), Dawson, W. A. (Creator), Rodney, S. A. (Creator), Strolger, L. (Creator), Riess, A. G. (Creator), Jones, C. (Creator), Frye, B. L. (Creator), Czakon, N. G. (Creator), Umetsu, K. (Creator), Vulcani, B. (Creator), Graur, O. (Creator), Jha, S. W. (Creator), Graham, M. L. (Creator), Molino, A. (Creator), Nonino, M. (Creator), Hjorth, J. (Creator), Selsing, J. (Creator), Christensen, L. (Creator), Kikuchihara, S. (Creator), Ouchi, M. (Creator), Welch, B. (Creator), Lemaux, B. C. (Creator), Andrade-Santos, F. (Creator), Hoag, A. T. (Creator), Johnson, T. L. (Creator), Peterson, A. (Creator), Past, M. (Creator), Fox, C. (Creator), Agulli, I. (Creator), Livermore, R. (Creator), Ryan, R. E. (Creator), Lam, D. (Creator), Sendra-Server, I. (Creator), Toft, S. (Creator), Lovisari, L. (Creator), Su, Y. (Creator), Coe, D. (Creator), Bradley, L. D. (Creator), Mahler, G. (Creator), Umetsu, K. (Creator), Jha, S. W. (Creator), Hjorth, J. (Creator) & Ryan, R. E. (Creator), Centre de Donnees Strasbourg (CDS), 2021


  • COS Legacy Archive Sp. Survey (CLASSY) treasury

    Berg, D. A. (Creator), James, B. L. (Creator), King, T. (Creator), McDonald, M. (Creator), Chen, Z. (Creator), Chisholm, J. (Creator), Heckman, T. (Creator), Martin, C. L. (Creator), Stark, D. P. (Creator), Aloisi, A. (Creator), Amorín, R. O. (Contributor), Arellano-Córdova, K. Z. (Contributor), Bayliss, M. (Creator), Bordoloi, R. (Creator), Brinchmann, J. (Creator), Charlot, S. (Creator), Chevallard, J. (Creator), Clark, I. (Creator), Erb, D. K. (Creator), Feltre, A. (Creator), Gronke, M. (Creator), Hayes, M. (Creator), Henry, A. (Creator), Hernandez, S. (Creator), Jaskot, A. (Creator), Jones, T. (Creator), Kewley, L. J. (Creator), Kumari, N. (Creator), Leitherer, C. (Creator), Llerena, M. (Creator), Maseda, M. (Creator), Mingozzi, M. (Creator), Nanayakkara, T. (Creator), Ouchi, M. (Creator), Plat, A. (Creator), Pogge, R. W. (Creator), Ravindranath, S. (Creator), Rigby, J. R. (Creator), Sanders, R. (Creator), Scarlata, C. (Creator), Senchyna, P. (Creator), Skillman, E. D. (Creator), Steidel, C. C. (Creator), Strom, A. L. (Creator), Sugahara, Y. (Creator), Wilkins, S. M. (Creator), Wofford, A. (Creator), Xu, X. (Creator), Chisholm, J. (Creator), Heckman, T. (Creator), Martin, C. L. (Creator), Charlot, S. (Creator), Hayes, M. (Creator), Henry, A. (Creator), Jones, T. (Creator) & Rigby, J. R. (Creator), Centre de Donnees Strasbourg (CDS), 2022


  • VANDELS ESO public spectroscopic survey. DR4

    Garilli, B. (Creator), McLure, R. (Creator), Pentericci, L. (Creator), Franzetti, P. (Creator), Gargiulo, A. (Creator), Carnall, A. (Creator), Cucciati, O. (Creator), Iovino, A. (Creator), Amorin, R. (Creator), Bolzonella, M. (Creator), Bongiorno, A. (Creator), Castellano, M. (Creator), Cimatti, A. (Creator), Cirasuolo, M. (Creator), Cullen, F. (Creator), Dunlop, J. (Creator), Elbaz, D. (Creator), Finkelstein, S. (Creator), Fontana, A. (Creator), Fontanot, F. (Creator), Fumana, M. (Creator), Guaita, L. (Creator), Hartley, W. (Creator), Jarvis, M. (Creator), Juneau, S. (Creator), Maccagni, D. (Creator), McLeod, D. (Creator), Nandra, K. (Creator), Pompei, E. (Creator), Pozzetti, L. (Creator), Scodeggio, M. (Creator), Talia, M. (Creator), Calabrò, A. (Contributor), Cresci, G. (Creator), Fynbo, J. P. U. (Contributor), Hathi, N. P. (Creator), Hibon, P. (Creator), Koekemoer, A. M. (Creator), Magliocchetti, M. (Creator), Salvato, M. (Creator), Vietri, G. (Creator), Zamorani, G. (Creator), Almaini, O. (Creator), Balestra, I. (Creator), Bardelli, S. (Creator), Begley, R. (Creator), Brammer, G. (Creator), Bell, E. F. (Creator), Bowler, R. A. A. (Contributor), Brusa, M. (Creator), Buitrago, F. (Creator), Caputi, C. (Creator), Cassata, P. (Creator), Charlot, S. (Creator), Citro, A. (Creator), Cristiani, S. (Creator), Curtis-Lake, E. (Creator), Dickinson, M. (Creator), Fazio, G. (Creator), Ferguson, H. C. (Creator), Fiore, F. (Creator), Franco, M. (Creator), Georgakakis, A. (Creator), Giavalisco, M. (Creator), Grazian, A. (Creator), Hamadouche, M. (Creator), Jung, I. (Creator), Kim, S. (Creator), Khusanova, Y. (Creator), Le Fèvre, F. O. (Contributor), Longhetti, M. (Creator), Lotz, J. (Creator), Mannucci, F. (Creator), Maltby, D. (Creator), Matsuoka, K. (Creator), Mendez-Hernandez, H. (Creator), Mendez-Abreu, J. (Creator), Mignoli, M. (Creator), Moresco, M. (Creator), Nonino, M. (Creator), Pannella, M. (Creator), Papovich, C. (Creator), Popesso, P. (Creator), Roberts-Borsani, G. (Creator), Rosario, D. J. (Creator), Saldana-Lopez, A. (Creator), Santini, P. (Creator), Saxena, A. (Creator), Schaerer, D. (Creator), Schreiber, C. (Creator), Stark, D. P. (Creator), Tasca, L. A. M. (Contributor), Thomas, R. (Creator), Vanzella, E. (Creator), Wild, V. (Creator), Williams, C. C. (Creator), Zucca, E. (Creator), McLure, R. (Creator), Bolzonella, M. (Creator), Castellano, M. (Creator), Dunlop, J. (Creator), Finkelstein, S. (Creator), Nandra, K. (Creator), Brammer, G. (Creator), Charlot, S. (Creator), Dickinson, M. (Creator), Fazio, G. (Creator), Lotz, J. (Creator), Santini, P. (Creator) & Schaerer, D. (Creator), Centre de Donnees Strasbourg (CDS), 2022


  • A search for ultra-compact HVC counterparts

    Sand, D. J. (Creator), Crnojević, D. (Contributor), Bennet, P. (Creator), Willman, B. (Creator), Hargis, J. (Creator), Strader, J. (Creator), Olszewski, E. W. (Creator), Tollerud, E. J. (Creator), Simon, J. D. (Creator), Caldwell, N. (Creator), Guhathakurta, P. (Creator), James, B. L. (Creator), Koposov, S. (Creator), McLeod, B. (Creator), Morrell, N. (Creator), Peacock, M. (Creator), Salinas, R. (Creator), Seth, A. C. (Creator), Stark, D. P. (Creator), Toloba, E. (Creator) & Strader, J. (Creator), Centre de Donnees Strasbourg (CDS), 2015