Brenda Louise Frye

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  • CLASH-VLT: the FF cluster MACS J0416.1-2403

    Balestra, I. (Creator), Mercurio, A. (Creator), Sartoris, B. (Creator), Girardi, M. (Creator), Grillo, C. (Creator), Nonino, M. (Creator), Rosati, P. (Creator), Biviano, A. (Creator), Ettori, S. (Creator), Forman, W. (Creator), Jones, C. (Creator), Koekemoer, A. (Creator), Medezinski, E. (Creator), Merten, J. (Creator), Ogrean, G. A. (Creator), Tozzi, P. (Creator), Umetsu, K. (Creator), Vanzella, E. (Creator), Van Weeren, W. R. J. (Creator), Zitrin, A. (Creator), Annunziatella, M. (Creator), Caminha, G. B. (Creator), Broadhurst, T. (Creator), Coe, D. (Creator), Donahue, M. (Creator), Fritz, A. (Creator), Frye, B. L. (Creator), Kelson, D. (Creator), Lombardi, M. (Creator), Maier, C. (Creator), Meneghetti, M. (Creator), Monna, A. (Creator), Postman, M. (Creator), Scodeggio, M. (Creator), Seitz, S. (Creator), Ziegler, B. (Creator), Mercurio, A. (Creator), Grillo, C. (Creator), Rosati, P. (Creator), Tozzi, P. (Creator), Umetsu, K. (Creator), Coe, D. (Creator), Fritz, A. (Creator) & Meneghetti, M. (Creator), Centre de Donnees Strasbourg (CDS), 2016


  • RRab stars toward Baade's window with Blanco/DECam

    Saha, A. (Creator), Vivas, A. K. (Creator), Olszewski, E. W. (Creator), Smith, V. (Creator), Olsen, K. (Creator), Blum, R. (Creator), Valdes, F. (Creator), Claver, J. (Creator), Calamida, A. (Creator), Walker, A. R. (Creator), Matheson, T. (Creator), Narayan, G. (Creator), Soraisam, M. (Creator), Cunha, K. (Creator), Axelrod, T. (Creator), Bloom, J. S. (Creator), Cenko, S. B. (Creator), Frye, B. L. (Creator), Juric, M. (Creator), Kaleida, C. (Creator), Kunder, A. (Creator), Miller, A. (Creator), Nidever, D. (Creator), Ridgway, S. (Creator), Vivas, A. K. (Creator), Olsen, K. (Creator), Valdes, F. (Creator), Bloom, J. S. (Creator), Cenko, S. B. (Creator) & Miller, A. (Creator), Centre de Donnees Strasbourg (CDS), 2020


  • RELICS: Reionization Lensing Cluster Survey

    Coe, D. (Creator), Salmon, B. (Creator), Bradač, M. (Contributor), Bradley, L. D. (Creator), Sharon, K. (Creator), Zitrin, A. (Creator), Acebron, A. (Creator), Cerny, C. (Creator), Cibirka, N. (Creator), Strait, V. (Creator), Paterno-Mahler, R. (Creator), Mahler, G. (Creator), Avila, R. J. (Creator), Ogaz, S. (Creator), Huang, K. (Creator), Pelliccia, D. (Creator), Stark, D. P. (Creator), Mainali, R. (Creator), Oesch, P. A. (Creator), Trenti, M. (Creator), Carrasco, D. (Creator), Dawson, W. A. (Creator), Rodney, S. A. (Creator), Strolger, L. (Creator), Riess, A. G. (Creator), Jones, C. (Creator), Frye, B. L. (Creator), Czakon, N. G. (Creator), Umetsu, K. (Creator), Vulcani, B. (Creator), Graur, O. (Creator), Jha, S. W. (Creator), Graham, M. L. (Creator), Molino, A. (Creator), Nonino, M. (Creator), Hjorth, J. (Creator), Selsing, J. (Creator), Christensen, L. (Creator), Kikuchihara, S. (Creator), Ouchi, M. (Creator), Oguri, M. (Creator), Welch, B. (Creator), Lemaux, B. C. (Creator), Andrade-Santos, F. (Creator), Hoag, A. T. (Creator), Johnson, T. L. (Creator), Peterson, A. (Creator), Past, M. (Creator), Fox, C. (Creator), Agulli, I. (Creator), Livermore, R. (Creator), Ryan, R. E. (Creator), Lam, D. (Creator), Sendra-Server, I. (Creator), Toft, S. (Creator), Lovisari, L. (Creator), Su, Y. (Creator), Coe, D. (Creator), Bradley, L. D. (Creator), Mahler, G. (Creator), Umetsu, K. (Creator), Jha, S. W. (Creator), Hjorth, J. (Creator) & Ryan, R. E. (Creator), Centre de Donnees Strasbourg (CDS), 2021


  • Improved cosmological constraints from SNe

    Kowalski, M. (Creator), Rubin, D. (Creator), Aldering, G. (Creator), Agostinho, R. J. (Creator), Amadon, A. (Creator), Amanullah, R. (Creator), Balland, C. (Creator), Barbary, K. (Creator), Blanc, G. (Creator), Challis, P. J. (Creator), Conley, A. (Creator), Connolly, N. V. (Creator), Covarrubias, R. (Creator), Dawson, K. S. (Creator), Deustua, S. E. (Creator), Ellis, R. (Creator), Fabbro, S. (Creator), Fadeyev, V. (Creator), Fan, X. (Creator), Farris, B. (Creator), Folatelli, G. (Creator), Frye, B. L. (Creator), Garavini, G. (Creator), Gates, E. L. (Creator), Germany, L. (Creator), Goldhaber, G. (Creator), Goldman, B. (Creator), Goobar, A. (Creator), Groom, D. E. (Creator), Haissinski, J. (Creator), Hardin, D. (Creator), Hook, I. (Creator), Kent, S. (Creator), Kim, A. G. (Creator), Knop, R. A. (Creator), Lidman, C. (Creator), Linder, E. V. (Creator), Mendez, J. (Creator), Meyers, J. (Creator), Miller, G. J. (Creator), Moniez, M. (Creator), Mourão, A. M. (Contributor), Newberg, H. (Creator), Nobili, S. (Creator), Nugent, P. E. (Creator), Pain, R. (Creator), Perdereau, O. (Creator), Perlmutter, S. (Creator), Phillips, M. M. (Creator), Prasad, V. (Creator), Quimby, R. (Creator), Regnault, N. (Creator), Rich, J. (Creator), Rubenstein, E. P. (Creator), Ruiz-Lapuente, P. (Creator), Santos, F. D. (Creator), Schaefer, B. E. (Creator), Schommer, R. A. (Creator), Smith, R. C. (Creator), Soderberg, A. M. (Creator), Spadafora, A. L. (Creator), Strolger, L. (Creator), Strovink, M. (Creator), Suntzeff, N. B. (Creator), Suzuki, N. (Creator), Thomas, R. C. (Creator), Walton, N. A. (Creator), Wang, L. (Creator), Wood-Vasey, W. M. (Creator), Yun, J. L. (Creator), Conley, A. (Creator), Fadeyev, V. (Creator), Goldman, B. (Creator), Pain, R. (Creator), Regnault, N. (Creator) & Wood-Vasey, W. M. (Creator), Centre de Donnees Strasbourg (CDS), 2011


  • Brightest high-z galaxies in RELICS clusters

    Salmon, B. (Creator), Coe, D. (Creator), Bradley, L. (Creator), Bouwens, R. (Creator), Bradač, M. (Contributor), Huang, K. (Creator), Oesch, P. A. (Creator), Stark, D. P. (Creator), Sharon, K. (Creator), Trenti, M. (Creator), Avila, R. J. (Creator), Ogaz, S. (Creator), Andrade-Santos, F. (Creator), Carrasco, D. (Creator), Cerny, C. (Creator), Dawson, W. (Creator), Frye, B. L. (Creator), Hoag, A. (Creator), Johnson, T. L. (Creator), Jones, C. (Creator), Lam, D. (Creator), Lovisari, L. (Creator), Mainali, R. (Creator), Past, M. (Creator), Paterno-Mahler, R. (Creator), Peterson, A. (Creator), Riess, A. G. (Creator), Rodney, S. A. (Creator), Ryan, R. E. (Creator), Sendra-Server, I. (Creator), Strait, V. (Creator), Strolger, L. (Creator), Umetsu, K. (Creator), Vulcani, B. (Creator), Zitrin, A. (Creator), Coe, D. (Creator), Bradley, L. (Creator), Ryan, R. E. (Creator) & Umetsu, K. (Creator), Centre de Donnees Strasbourg (CDS), 2021


  • RELICS 6

    Strait, V. (Creator), Bradač, M. (Contributor), Coe, D. (Creator), Lemaux, B. C. (Creator), Carnall, A. C. (Creator), Bradley, L. (Creator), Pelliccia, D. (Creator), Sharon, K. (Creator), Zitrin, A. (Creator), Acebron, A. (Creator), Neufeld, C. (Creator), Andrade-Santos, F. (Creator), Avila, R. J. (Creator), Frye, B. L. (Creator), Mahler, G. (Creator), Nonino, M. (Creator), Ogaz, S. (Creator), Oguri, M. (Creator), Ouchi, M. (Creator), Paterno-Mahler, R. (Creator), Stark, D. P. (Creator), Mainali, R. (Creator), Oesch, P. A. (Creator), Trenti, M. (Creator), Carrasco, D. (Creator), Dawson, W. A. (Creator), Jones, C. (Creator), Umetsu, K. (Creator), Vulcani, B. (Creator), Coe, D. (Creator), Bradley, L. (Creator), Mahler, G. (Creator) & Umetsu, K. (Creator), Centre de Donnees Strasbourg (CDS), 2022


  • Multiple arc systems in A1689

    Broadhurst, T. (Creator), Benítez, N. (Contributor), Coe, D. (Creator), Sharon, K. (Creator), Zekser, K. (Creator), White, R. (Creator), Ford, H. (Creator), Bouwens, R. (Creator), Blakeslee, J. (Creator), Clampin, M. (Creator), Cross, N. (Creator), Franx, M. (Creator), Frye, B. L. (Creator), Hartig, G. (Creator), Illingworth, G. (Creator), Infante, L. (Creator), Menanteau, F. (Creator), Meurer, G. (Creator), Postman, M. (Creator), Ardila, D. R. (Creator), Bartko, F. (Creator), Brown, R. A. (Creator), Burrows, C. J. (Creator), Cheng, E. S. (Creator), Feldman, P. D. (Creator), Golimowski, D. A. (Creator), Goto, T. (Creator), Gronwall, C. (Creator), Herranz, D. (Creator), Holden, B. (Creator), Homeier, N. (Creator), Krist, J. E. (Creator), Lesser, M. P. (Creator), Martel, A. R. (Creator), Miley, G. K. (Creator), Rosati, P. (Creator), Sirianni, M. (Creator), Sparks, W. B. (Creator), Steindling, S. (Creator), Tran, H. D. (Creator), Tsvetanov, Z. I. (Creator), Zheng, W. (Creator), Coe, D. (Creator), Sharon, K. (Creator), Menanteau, F. (Creator), Meurer, G. (Creator), Lesser, M. P. (Creator), Miley, G. K. (Creator) & Rosati, P. (Creator), Centre de Donnees Strasbourg (CDS), 2005


  • HST lensing analysis of the CLASH sample

    Zitrin, A. (Creator), Fabris, A. (Creator), Merten, J. (Creator), Melchior, P. (Creator), Meneghetti, M. (Creator), Koekemoer, A. (Creator), Coe, D. (Creator), Maturi, M. (Creator), Bartelmann, M. (Creator), Postman, M. (Creator), Umetsu, K. (Creator), Seidel, G. (Creator), Sendra, I. (Creator), Broadhurst, T. (Creator), Balestra, I. (Creator), Biviano, A. (Creator), Grillo, C. (Creator), Mercurio, A. (Creator), Nonino, M. (Creator), Rosati, P. (Creator), Bradley, L. (Creator), Carrasco, M. (Creator), Donahue, M. (Creator), Ford, H. (Creator), Frye, B. L. (Creator), Moustakas, J. (Creator), Meneghetti, M. (Creator), Coe, D. (Creator), Umetsu, K. (Creator), Grillo, C. (Creator), Mercurio, A. (Creator), Rosati, P. (Creator) & Bradley, L. (Creator), Centre de Donnees Strasbourg (CDS), 2015


  • Properties of giant arcs behind CLASH clusters

    Xu, B. (Creator), Postman, M. (Creator), Meneghetti, M. (Creator), Seitz, S. (Creator), Zitrin, A. (Creator), Merten, J. (Creator), Maoz, D. (Creator), Frye, B. L. (Creator), Umetsu, K. (Creator), Zheng, W. (Creator), Bradley, L. (Creator), Vega, J. (Creator), Koekemoer, A. (Creator), Meneghetti, M. (Creator), Umetsu, K. (Creator) & Bradley, L. (Creator), Centre de Donnees Strasbourg (CDS), 2018