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  • Genomic differentiation among wild cyanophages despite widespread horizontal gene transfer

    Gregory, A. C. (Creator), Solonenko, S. A. (Creator), Ignacio-Espinoza, J. C. (Contributor), LaButti, K. (Creator), Copeland, A. (Creator), Sudek, S. (Creator), Maitland, A. (Creator), Chittick, L. (Creator), dos Santos, F. (Contributor), Weitz, J. S. (Creator), Worden, A. Z. (Creator), Woyke, T. (Creator) & Sullivan, M. B. (Creator), figshare, 2016


  • Space telescope RM project. VIII. NGC5548 HST sp.

    Kriss, G. A. (Creator), De Rosa, R. G. (Creator), Ely, J. (Creator), Peterson, B. M. (Creator), Kaastra, J. (Creator), Mehdipour, M. (Creator), Ferland, G. J. (Creator), Dehghanian, M. (Creator), Mathur, S. (Creator), Edelson, R. (Creator), Korista, K. T. (Creator), Arav, N. (Creator), Barth, A. J. (Creator), Bentz, M. C. (Creator), Brandt, W. N. (Creator), Crenshaw, D. M. (Creator), Dalla Bontà, E. (Contributor), Denney, K. D. (Creator), Done, C. (Creator), Eracleous, M. (Creator), Fausnaugh, M. M. (Creator), Gardner, E. (Creator), Goad, M. R. (Creator), Beatty, C. (Creator), Horne, K. (Creator), Kochanek, C. S. (Creator), McHardy, I. M. (Creator), Netzer, H. (Creator), Pancoast, A. (Creator), Pei, L. (Creator), Pogge, R. W. (Creator), Proga, D. (Creator), Silva, C. (Creator), Tejos, N. (Creator), Vestergaard, M. (Creator), Adams, S. M. (Creator), Anderson, M. D. (Creator), Arévalo, P. (Contributor), Beatty, T. (Creator), Behar, E. (Creator), Bennert, V. N. (Creator), Bianchi, S. (Creator), Bigley, A. (Creator), Bisogni, S. (Creator), Boissay-Malaquin, R. (Creator), Borman, G. A. (Creator), Bottorff, M. C. (Creator), Breeveld, A. A. (Creator), Brotherton, M. (Creator), Brown, J. E. (Creator), Brown, J. S. (Creator), Cackett, E. M. (Creator), Canalizo, G. (Creator), Cappi, M. (Creator), Carini, M. T. (Creator), Clubb, K. I. (Creator), Comerford, J. M. (Creator), Coker, C. T. (Creator), Corsini, E. M. (Creator), Costantini, E. (Creator), Croft, S. (Creator), Croxall, K. V. (Creator), Deason, A. J. (Creator), De Lorenzo-Cáceres, L. A. (Contributor), De Marco, M. B. (Creator), Dietrich, M. (Creator), Di Gesu, G. L. (Creator), Ebrero, J. (Creator), Evans, P. A. (Creator), Filippenko, A. V. (Creator), Flatland, K. (Creator), Gates, E. L. (Creator), Gehrels, N. (Creator), Geier, S. (Creator), Gelbord, J. M. (Creator), Gonzalez, L. (Creator), Gorjian, V. (Creator), Grupe, D. (Creator), Gupta, A. (Creator), Hall, P. B. (Creator), Henderson, C. B. (Creator), Hicks, S. (Creator), Holmbeck, E. (Creator), Holoien, T. (Contributor), Hutchison, T. A. (Creator), Im, M. (Creator), Jensen, J. J. (Creator), Johnson, C. A. (Creator), Joner, M. D. (Creator), Kaspi, S. (Creator), Kelly, B. C. (Creator), Kelly, P. L. (Creator), Kennea, J. A. (Creator), Kim, M. (Creator), Kim, S. C. (Creator), Kim, S. Y. (Creator), King, A. (Creator), Klimanov, S. A. (Creator), Krongold, Y. (Creator), Lau, M. W. (Creator), Lee, J. C. (Creator), Leonard, D. C. (Creator), Li, M. (Creator), Lira, P. (Creator), Lochhaas, C. (Creator), Ma, Z. (Creator), Macinnis, F. (Contributor), Malkan, M. A. (Creator), Manne-Nicholas, E. R. (Creator), Matt, G. (Creator), Mauerhan, J. C. (Creator), McGurk, R. (Creator), Montuori, C. (Creator), Morelli, L. (Creator), Mosquera, A. (Creator), Mudd, D. (Creator), Müller-Sánchez, F. (Contributor), Nazarov, S. V. (Creator), Norris, R. P. (Creator), Nousek, J. A. (Creator), Nguyen, M. L. (Creator), Ochner, P. (Creator), Okhmat, D. N. (Creator), Paltani, S. (Creator), Parks, J. R. (Creator), Pinto, C. (Creator), Pizzella, A. (Creator), Poleski, R. (Creator), Ponti, G. (Creator), Pott, J. (Creator), Rafter, S. E. (Creator), Rix, H. (Creator), Runnoe, J. (Creator), Saylor, D. A. (Creator), Schimoia, J. S. (Creator), Schnülle, K. (Contributor), Scott, B. (Creator), Sergeev, S. G. (Creator), Shappee, B. J. (Creator), Shivvers, I. (Creator), Siegel, M. (Creator), Simonian, G. V. (Creator), Siviero, A. (Creator), Skielboe, A. (Creator), Somers, G. (Creator), Spencer, M. (Creator), Starkey, D. (Creator), Stevens, D. J. (Creator), Sung, H. (Creator), Tayar, J. (Creator), Teems, K. G. (Creator), Treu, T. (Creator), Turner, C. S. (Creator), Uttley, P. (Creator), Van Saders, S. J. (Contributor), Vican, L. (Creator), Villforth, C. (Creator), Villanueva, S. (Contributor), Walton, D. J. (Creator), Waters, T. (Creator), Weiss, Y. (Creator), Woo, J. (Creator), Yan, H. (Creator), Yuk, H. (Creator), Zheng, W. (Creator), Zhu, W. (Creator) & Zu, Y. (Creator), Centre de Donnees Strasbourg (CDS), 2021