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Collaborations and top research areas from the last five years

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  • Photometric observations of Type II SN 2018ivc

    Bostroem, K. A. (Creator), Valenti, S. (Creator), Sand, D. J. (Creator), Andrews, J. E. (Creator), Van Dyk, D. S. D. (Creator), Galbany, L. (Creator), Pooley, D. (Creator), Amaro, R. C. (Creator), Smith, N. (Creator), Yang, S. (Creator), Anupama, G. C. (Creator), Arcavi, I. (Creator), Baron, E. (Creator), Brown, P. J. (Creator), Burke, J. (Creator), Cartier, R. (Creator), Hiramatsu, D. (Creator), Dastidar, R. (Creator), Derkacy, J. M. (Creator), Dong, Y. (Creator), Egami, E. (Creator), Ertel, S. (Creator), Filippenko, A. V. (Creator), Fox, O. D. (Creator), Haislip, J. (Creator), Hosseinzadeh, G. (Creator), Howell, D. A. (Creator), Gangopadhyay, A. (Creator), Jha, S. W. (Creator), Kouprianov, V. (Creator), Kumar, B. (Creator), Lundquist, M. (Creator), Milisavljevic, D. (Creator), McCully, C. (Contributor), Milne, P. A. (Creator), Misra, K. (Creator), Reichart, D. E. (Creator), Sahu, D. K. (Creator), Sai, H. (Creator), Singh, A. (Creator), Smith, P. S. (Creator), Vinko, J. (Creator), Wang, X. (Creator), Wang, Y. (Creator), Wheeler, J. C. (Creator), Williams, G. G. (Creator), Wyatt, S. (Creator), Zhang, J. (Creator), Zhang, X. (Creator), Valenti, S. (Creator), Sand, D. J. (Creator), Baron, E. (Creator), Burke, J. (Creator), Filippenko, A. V. (Creator), Jha, S. W. (Creator), Kumar, B. (Creator), Misra, K. (Creator), Wheeler, J. C. (Creator) & Zhang, X. (Creator), Centre de Donnees Strasbourg (CDS), 2021


  • Spitzer/IRAC observations of five deep fields

    Ashby, M. L. N. (Contributor), Willner, S. P. (Creator), Fazio, G. G. (Creator), Huang, J. (Creator), Arendt, R. (Creator), Barmby, P. (Creator), Barro, G. (Creator), Bell, E. F. (Creator), Bouwens, R. (Creator), Cattaneo, A. (Creator), Croton, D. (Creator), Davé, R. (Contributor), Dunlop, J. S. (Creator), Egami, E. (Creator), Faber, S. (Creator), Finlator, K. (Creator), Grogin, N. A. (Creator), Guhathakurta, P. (Creator), Hernquist, L. (Creator), Hora, J. L. (Creator), Illingworth, G. (Creator), Kashlinsky, A. (Creator), Koekemoer, A. M. (Creator), Koo, D. C. (Creator), Labbé, I. (Contributor), Li, Y. (Creator), Lin, L. (Creator), Moseley, H. (Creator), Nandra, K. (Creator), Newman, J. (Creator), Noeske, K. (Creator), Ouchi, M. (Creator), Peth, M. (Creator), Rigopoulou, D. (Creator), Robertson, B. (Creator), Sarajedini, V. (Creator), Simard, L. (Creator), Smith, H. A. (Creator), Wang, Z. (Creator), Wechsler, R. (Creator), Weiner, B. J. (Creator), Wilson, G. (Creator), Wuyts, S. (Creator), Yamada, T. (Creator), Yan, H. (Creator), Ashby, M. L. N. (Contributor), Fazio, G. G. (Creator), Barmby, P. (Creator), Dave, R. (Creator), Dunlop, J. S. (Creator), Nandra, K. (Creator), Newman, J. (Creator), Weiner, B. (Creator) & Wilson, G. (Creator), Centre de Donnees Strasbourg (CDS), 2015


  • PKS1302-102 intergalactic absorption system

    Cooksey, K. L. (Creator), Prochaska, J. X. (Creator), Chen, H. (Creator), Mulchaey, J. S. (Creator) & Weiner, B. J. (Creator), Centre de Donnees Strasbourg (CDS), 2010