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  • A willow sex chromosome reveals convergent evolution of complex palindromic repeats

    Zhou, R. (Creator), Macaya-Sanz, D. (Creator), Carlson, C. H. (Creator), Schmutz, J. (Creator), Jenkins, J. W. (Creator), Kudrna, D. (Creator), Sharma, A. (Creator), Sandor, L. (Creator), Shu, S. (Contributor), Barry, K. (Creator), Tuskan, G. A. (Creator), Ma, T. (Creator), Liu, J. (Contributor), Olson, M. (Creator), Smart, L. B. (Creator), Difazio, S. P. (Contributor), Schmutz, J. (Creator), Kudrna, D. (Creator) & Shengqiang, S. (Contributor), figshare, 2020


  • Transcription profiling by high throughput sequencing of maize leaf tip and base tissue from the third leaf of 9 day-old Mo17 seedlings

    Ware, D. (Contributor), Wei, F. (Contributor), Pasternak, S. (Contributor), Liang, C. (Contributor), Zhang, J. (Contributor), Fulton, L. (Contributor), Minx, P. (Contributor), Courtney, L. (Contributor), Tomlinson, C. (Contributor), Strong, C. (Contributor), Delehaunty, K. (Contributor), Fronick, C. (Contributor), Courtney, B. (Contributor), Belter, E. (Contributor), Du, F. (Contributor), Kim, K. (Contributor), Cotton, M. (Contributor), Levy, A. (Contributor), Marchetto, P. (Contributor), Ochoa, K. (Contributor), Gillam, B. (Contributor), Chen, W. (Contributor), Yan, L. (Contributor), Higginbotham, J. (Contributor), Cardenas, M. (Contributor), Waligorski, J. (Contributor), Applebaum, E. (Contributor), Phelps, L. (Contributor), Falcone, J. (Contributor), Kanchi, K. (Contributor), Thane, T. (Contributor), Scimone, A. (Contributor), Thane, N. (Contributor), Henke, J. (Contributor), Wang, T. (Contributor), Ruppert, J. (Contributor), Shah, N. (Contributor), Rotter, K. (Contributor), Hodges, J. (Contributor), Ingenthron, E. (Contributor), Cordes, M. (Contributor), Kohlberg, S. (Contributor), Sgro, J. (Contributor), Delgado, B. (Contributor), Mead, K. (Contributor), Chinwalla, A. (Contributor), Leonard, S. (Contributor), Crouse, K. (Contributor), Collura, K. (Contributor), Kudrna, D. (Contributor), Currie, J. (Contributor), He, R. (Contributor), Angelova, A. (Contributor), Rajasekar, S. (Contributor), Mueller, T. (Contributor), Lomeli, R. (Contributor), Scara, G. (Contributor), Ko, A. (Contributor), Delaney, K. (Contributor), Wissotski, M. (Contributor), Lopez, G. (Contributor), Campos, D. (Contributor), Braidotti, M. (Contributor), Ashley, E. (Contributor), Golser, W. (Contributor), Kim, H. (Contributor), Lee, S. (Contributor), Lin, J. (Contributor), Dujmic, Z. (Contributor), Kim, W. (Contributor), Talag, J. (Contributor), Zuccolo, A. (Contributor), Fan, C. (Contributor), Sebastian, A. (Contributor), Kramer, M. (Contributor), Spiegel, L. (Contributor), Nascimento, L. (Contributor), Zutavern, T. (Contributor), Miller, B. (Contributor), Ambroise, C. (Contributor), Muller, S. (Contributor), Spooner, W. (Contributor), Narechania, A. (Contributor), Ren, L. (Contributor), Wei, S. (Contributor), Kumari, S. (Contributor), Faga, B. (Contributor), McMahan, L. (Contributor), Van Buren, P. (Contributor), Ying, K. (Contributor), Jia, Y. (Contributor), Kalyanaraman, A. (Contributor), Chaparro, C. (Contributor), Fu, Y. (Contributor), Han, Y. (Contributor), Lee, H. (Contributor), Li, P. (Contributor), Liu, S. (Contributor), Liu, Z. (Contributor), Sanmiguel, P. (Contributor), Nettleton, D. (Contributor), Nguyen, J. (Contributor), Ponnala, L. (Contributor), Sharma, A. (Contributor), Soderlund, C. (Contributor), Sun, Q. (Contributor), Wang, H. (Contributor), Waterman, M. (Contributor), Westerman, R. (Contributor), Yang, L. (Contributor), Yu, Y. (Contributor), Zhang, L. (Contributor), Zhou, S. (Contributor), Zhu, Q. (Contributor), Jiang, J. (Contributor), Jiang, N. (Contributor) & Aluru, S. (Contributor), ArrayExpress, 2009


  • Gapless assembly of maize chromosomes using long-read technologies

    Liu, J. (Contributor), Seetharam, A. S. (Creator), Chougule, K. (Contributor), Ou, S. (Contributor), Swentowsky, K. W. (Creator), Gent, J. I. (Creator), Llaca, V. (Creator), Woodhouse, M. R. (Creator), Manchanda, N. (Creator), Presting, G. G. (Creator), Kudrna, D. A. (Creator), Alabady, M. (Contributor), Hirsch, C. N. (Creator), Fengler, K. A. (Creator), Ware, D. (Creator), Michael, T. P. (Creator), Hufford, M. B. (Creator), Dawe, R. K. (Creator), Jianing, L. (Contributor), Kudrna, D. A. (Creator), Hirsch, C. N. (Creator) & Dawe, R. K. (Creator), figshare, 2020