$\Xi^0$ and $\bar{\Xi}^0$ Polarization Measurements at 800-GeV/c

  • E. Abouzaid (Creator)
  • A. Alavi-Harati (Creator)
  • T. Alexopoulos (Creator)
  • M. Arenton (Creator)
  • A. R. Barker (Creator)
  • L. Bellantoni (Creator)
  • A. Bellavance (Creator)
  • E. Blucher (Creator)
  • G. J. Bock (Creator)
  • S. Bright (Creator)
  • Elliott C Cheu (Creator)
  • R. Coleman (Creator)
  • M. Corcoran (Creator)
  • B. Cox (Creator)
  • A. R. Erwin (Creator)
  • C. O. Escobar (Creator)
  • R. Ford (Creator)
  • A. Glazov (Creator)
  • A. Golossanov (Creator)
  • R. A. Gomes (Creator)
  • P. Gouffon (Creator)
  • K. Hanagaki (Creator)
  • Y. B. Hsiung (Creator)
  • H. Huang (Creator)
  • D. A. Jensen (Creator)
  • R. Kessler (Creator)
  • K. Kotera (Creator)
  • A. Ledovskoy (Creator)
  • P. L. McBride (Creator)
  • E. Monnier (Creator)
  • K. S. Nelson (Creator)
  • H. Nguyen (Creator)
  • R. Niclasen (Creator)
  • H. Ping (Creator)
  • V. Prasad (Creator)
  • X. R. Qi (Creator)
  • E. Ramberg (Creator)
  • R. E. Ray (Creator)
  • M. Ronquest (Creator)
  • T. Rooker (Creator)
  • E. Santos (Creator)
  • J. Shields (Creator)
  • W. Slater (Creator)
  • D. Smith (Creator)
  • N. Solomey (Creator)
  • E. C. Swallow (Creator)
  • P. A. Toale (Creator)
  • R. Tschirhart (Creator)
  • C. Velissaris (Creator)
  • Y. W. Wah (Creator)
  • J. Wang (Creator)
  • H. B. White (Creator)
  • J. Whitmore (Creator)
  • M. J. Wilking (Creator)
  • B. Winstein (Creator)
  • R. Winston (Creator)
  • E. T. Worcester (Creator)
  • M. Worcester (Creator)
  • T. Yamanaka (Creator)
  • E. D. Zimmerman (Creator)
  • R. F. Zukanovich (Creator)



Fermilab-Tevatron. Measurement of polarizations of XI0 and XIBAR0 in 800 GeV proton collisions with a BE-oxide target at a fixed targeting angle of 4.8 MRAD.. Numerical values supplied by A. Erwin.
Date made available2006
  • Ξ0 and Ξ̄0 polarization measurements at 800GeV/c

    Abouzaid, E., Alavi-Harati, A., Alexopoulos, T., Arenton, M., Barker, A. R., Bellantoni, L., Bellavance, A., Blucher, E., Bock, G. J., Bright, S., Cheu, E., Coleman, R., Corcoran, M. D., Cox, B., Erwin, A. R., Escobar, C. O., Ford, R., Glazov, A., Golossanov, A., Gomes, R. A., & 41 othersGouffon, P., Hanagaki, K., Hsiung, Y. B., Huang, H., Jensen, D. A., Kessler, R., Kotera, K., Ledovskoy, A., McBride, P. L., Monnier, E., Nelson, K. S., Nguyen, H., Niclasen, R., Ping, H., Prasad, V., Qi, X. R., Ramberg, E. J., Ray, R. E., Ronquest, M., Rooker, T., Santos, E., Shields, J., Slater, W., Smith, D. E., Solomey, N., Swallow, E. C., Toale, P. A., Tschirhart, R., Velissaris, C., Wah, Y. W., Wang, J., White, H. B., Whitmore, J., Wilking, M., Winstein, B., Winston, R., Worcester, E. T., Worcester, M., Yamanaka, T., Zimmerman, E. D. & Zukanovich, R. F., 2007, In: Physical Review D - Particles, Fields, Gravitation and Cosmology. 75, 1, 012005.

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