Wide-angle MEMS-based imaging lidar by decoupled scan axes

  • Brandon Hellman (Creator)
  • Adley Gin (Contributor)
  • B. Smith (Creator)
  • Young Sik Kim (Contributor)
  • Guanghao Chen (Contributor)
  • Paul Winkler (Creator)
  • Phillip McCann (Creator)
  • Yuzuru Takashima (Creator)
  • Gin Adley (Contributor)



An optical architecture for a scanning lidar in which a Digital Micromirror Device (DMD) is placed at an intermediate image plane in a receiver to decouple the trade-offs between scan angle, scan speed, and aperture size of the lidar’s transmitter and receiver. In the architecture, the transmitter with a galvo mirror and the receiver with a DMD scan the horizontal and vertical fields of view, respectively, to enable an increased field of view of 50°, centimeter transmitter beam diameter, and video frame rate range finding captures. We present our optimized system and discuss the adjustable parameter tradeoffs.
Date made available2019
PublisherThe Optical Society

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