Use of nCounter mRNA profiling to identify at-arrival gene expression patterns for predicting bovine respiratory disease in beef cattle

  • Matthew A. Scott (Creator)
  • Amelia R. Woolums (Creator)
  • Cyprianna Swiderski (Creator)
  • Alexis C. Thompson (Creator)
  • Andy D. Perkins (Creator)
  • Bindu Nanduri (Creator)
  • Brandi B. Karisch (Creator)
  • Dan R. Goehl (Creator)



Abstract Background Transcriptomics has identified at-arrival differentially expressed genes associated with bovine respiratory disease (BRD) development; however, their use as prediction molecules necessitates further evaluation. Therefore, we aimed to selectively analyze and corroborate at-arrival mRNA expression from multiple independent populations of beef cattle. In a nested case-control study, we evaluated the expression of 56 mRNA molecules from at-arrival blood samples of 234 cattle across seven populations via NanoString nCounter gene expression profiling. Analysis of mRNA was performed with nSolver Advanced Analysis software (p
Date made available2022

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