Ultra-broadband quadrature squeezing with thin-film lithium niobate nanophotonics

  • Pao Kang Chen (Creator)
  • IAN BRIGGS (Creator)
  • SONGYAN HOU (Contributor)
  • Linran Fan (Creator)
  • Linran Fan (Creator)



Squeezed light is a key quantum resource that enables quantum advantages for sensing, networking, and computing applications. The scalable generation and manipulation of squeezed light with integrated platforms are highly desired for the development of quantum technology with continuous variables. In this letter, we demonstrate squeezed light generation with thin-film lithium niobate integrated photonics. Parametric down-conversion is realized with quasi-phase matching using ferroelectric domain engineering. With sub-wavelength mode confinement, efficient nonlinear processes can be observed with single-pass configuration. We measure 0.560 \pm 09 dB quadrature squeezing (~2.6 dB inferred on-chip). The single-pass configuration further enables the generation of squeezed light with large spectral bandwidth up to 7 THz. This work represents a significant step towards the on-chip implementation of continuous-variable quantum information processing.
Date made available2022
PublisherOptica Publishing Group

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