Transposable Element Prediction of of Twelve Platinum-Standard Reference Genomes Sequences

  • Yong Zhou (Creator)
  • Dmytro Chebotarov (Creator)
  • David A. Kudrna (Creator)
  • V. Llaca (Creator)
  • Seunghee Lee (Contributor)
  • Shanmugam Rajasekar (Creator)
  • Nahed Mohammed (Creator)
  • Noor Al-Bader (Creator)
  • Chandler Sobel-Sorenson (Creator)
  • Praveena Parakkal (Contributor)
  • Lady Johanna Arbelaez (Contributor)
  • Natalia Franco (Creator)
  • Nickolai Alexandrov (Contributor)
  • N. Ruaraidh Sackville Hamilton (Contributor)
  • H. Leung (Creator)
  • Ramil Mauleon (Creator)
  • Mathias Lorieux (Creator)
  • Andrea Zuccolo (Creator)
  • Kenneth L. McNally (Creator)
  • Jianwei Zhang (National Key Laboratory of Crop Genetic Improvement) (Contributor)
  • Rod A Wing (Creator)



The transposable element annotation of 12 new reference genomes was carried out using RepeatMasker and it was running using the library 'rice 7.0.0 liban'.
Date made available2020

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