The North American CORDEX dataset

  • Melissa S. Bukovsky (Creator)
  • Linda O. Mearns (Creator)
  • Anne Frigon (Creator)
  • Seth McGinnis (Creator)
  • Raymond W. Arritt (Creator)
  • Sébastien Biner (Creator)
  • Ole Christensen (Creator)
  • Daryl Herzmann (Creator)
  • Slava Kharin (Creator)
  • Michael Lazare (Creator)
  • Grigory Nikulin (Creator)
  • Minwei Qian (Creator)
  • John Scinocca (Creator)
  • Katja Winger (Creator)
  • Christopher L Castro (Creator)
  • William Gutowski (Creator)



The NA-CORDEX data archive contains output from regional climate models (RCMs) run over a domain covering most of North America using boundary conditions from global climate model (GCM) simulations in the CMIP5 archive. These simulations run from 1950-2100 with a spatial resolution of 0.22°/25km or 0.44°/50km. Data is available for impacts-relevant variables at daily and longer frequencies in CF-compliant netCDF format.
Date made available2017
Geographical coverageNorth America

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