Stellar properties of observed stars stripped in binaries in the Magellanic Clouds - Spectral Fitting Routine

  • Ylva Götberg (Contributor)
  • M. R. Drout (Contributor)
  • A. P. Ji (Contributor)
  • J. H. Groh (Contributor)
  • B. A. Ludwig (Contributor)
  • Paul Crowther (Contributor)
  • Nathan Smith (Contributor)
  • Alex De Koter (Contributor)
  • S. E. De Mink (Contributor)



This Zenodo repository is one of three Zenodo repositories related to the article "Stellar properties of observed stars stripped in binaries in the Magellanic Clouds" by Y. Götberg, M.R. Drout, A.P. Ji, J.H. Groh, B.A. Ludwig, P.A. Crowther, N. Smith, A. de Koter, and S.E. de Mink. In the article, we analyze the optical spectra of ten stars and measure their stellar properties using spectral fitting. This repository contains the spectral fitting routine with a compressed version of the spectral model grid (needed for the speed of the fitting routine), and the mass-luminosity relations originating from evolutionary models. Below, we describe the content in more detail: 0_ReadMe.txt: A text file where we describe some more details regarding the content. S41_compressed_grid.tar.gz (540 MB): A compressed version of the spectral model grid presented in Section 4.1 and what is used by the spectral fitting routine. This tarball becomes 3.4 GB once inflated and contains a set of folders each corresponding to a spectral model. These folders are named following the nomenclature logg5.5_Teff70000.0_H03, where in this example, the surface gravity is log g = 5.5, the effective temperature is Teff = 70 kK, and the surface hydrogen mass fraction is X_(H,surf) = 0.3. Each model folder contains (1) the spectral energy distribution (SED.txt) which holds wavelength, flux (Flambda) at 1 kpc distance, and normalized flux (Fnorm) -- this file contains high resolution spectra, (2) absolute AB magnitudes in the UVW2, UVM2, UVW1, U, B, V, and I bands for a series of extinction values and according to average extinction models (Gordon et al., 2003 for the LMC and SMC, and Gordon, Cartlege, & Clayton 2009 for the Milky Way), we also give the emission rates of ionizing photons and bolometric luminosity for the model (which can be scaled easily) in the headers, (3) the MOD_SUM file from the CMFGEN run -- a file that summarizes the parameters for each model, and (4) snippets of the normalized spectra surrounding each line that we considered of relevance, these are labeled "line_HeII4686.txt" for example. spectral_fitting_routine.tar.gz (36kB, 204kB when inflated): This .tar.gz contains the fitting routine. The ReadMe file has more details describing how the fitting functions. It functions together with the compressed model grid.
Date made availableJul 4 2023

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