Stable hydrogen isotope record of C30-Alkanoic acid from sediment core MD98-2152 for 450 kyr

  • Grace Windler (Contributor)
  • Jessica E Tierney (Contributor)
  • Jiang Zhu (Contributor)
  • Christopher J. Poulsen (Contributor)



The stable hydrogen isotopes of C30-Alkanoic acids were measured from marine sediment core MD98-2152, collected off the southern coast of Sumatra, likely reflecting rainfall over southern Sumatra and western Java. The record extends to ~450,000 years before present and includes the five most recent glacial periods. To purify the leaf wax fatty acids for analysis, organic material was extracted from the sediment using an Accelerated Solvent Extractor, leaf waxes were isolated from each total lipid extract using column chromatography then methylated with methanol of a known isotopic composition to form fatty acid methyl esters, and purified with a final column. Hydrogen isotopes were measured using a gas chromatography-isotope ratio-monitoring mass spectrometer against Vienna Standard Mean Ocean Water (VSMOW). The hydrogen isotopes of the leaf wax fatty acids were then used in tandem with previously measured carbon isotopes of the same samples to calculate the hydrogen isotope values of precipitation, accounting for vegetation changes, through time following the methods in Tierney et al. (2017). This data was collected with the purpose of examining rainfall variability in the southern Indo-Pacific Warm Pool during glacial climates and to improve the spatial coverage of precipitation isotope records in the region. The age model and leaf wax carbon isotopes for MD98-2152 are available in Windler et al. (2019).
Date made availableJan 13 2023
Geospatial Polygon-6.33, 103.88, -6.33, 103.88

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