Sonora 2018: Cloud-free, solar composition, solar C/O substellar atmosphere models and spectra



These models for non-irradiated, substellar mass objects belong to the Sonora 2018 model series, to be described in Marley et al., currently in preparation for submission to Astrophysical Journal. This particular set of model atmosphere structures and associated spectra are for cloudless, solar metallicity, solar C/O ratio objects (relative to Lodders (2010) abundances) with \(3.25 \le \log g \le 5.5\) and \(200 \le T_{\rm eff} \le 2400\,\rm K.\) "Rainout" chemical equilibrium is assumed. Spectra describe the emergent flux from the top of the atmosphere of the object, units in file header. Profiles give temperature and pressure through the model radiative-convective equilibrium structure. Volume mixing ratios for a few gasses of interest are also tabulated. Additional gas species are included in the calculation. Filename specifies \(T_{\rm eff}\) and gravity (in mks units). "co1.0" in version and spectra header nomenclature refers to 1.0 times the solar C/O ratio. Y is the He mass fraction. f_hole is a cloud parameter for cloudy models, not relevant to these cloudless models. The two "flux table" files give fluxes, in mJy, for various standard filter bandpasses of interest for each model case.
Date made available2018

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