Software code for simulations and analyses concerning the calculation of canopy stomatal conductance at eddy covariance sites



These software codes compare different methods of calculating canopy stomatal conductance based on eddy covariance measurements of the latent heat flux. The R code "CanopyGsErrorSim.R" simulates true and measured canopy stomatal conductance and assesses errors when using the various methods. The Igor Pro code "AmeriFluxHo1gsCalc.ipf" calculates canopy stomatal conductance by the various methods based on real data from the Howland Forest as reported in the Ameriflux eddy covariance site data archive (Hollinger, D.: AmeriFlux US-Ho1 Howland Forest (main tower), doi:10.17190/AMF/1246061, 1996-.).
Date made availableFeb 9 2021

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