SN2016hnk photometry and spectroscopy

  • Lluis Galbany (Creator)
  • Chris Ashall (Creator)
  • Peter Höflich (Contributor)
  • Santiago González-Gaitán (Contributor)
  • S. Taubenberger (Creator)
  • M. D. Stritzinger (Creator)
  • Eric Hsiao (Creator)
  • P. A. Mazzali (Creator)
  • E. Baron (Creator)
  • S. Blondin (Creator)
  • Subhash Bose (Creator)
  • M. Bulla (Creator)
  • J. Burke (Creator)
  • C. R. Burns (Creator)
  • R. Cartier (Creator)
  • Ping Chen (Creator)
  • M. Della Valle (Contributor)
  • T. R. Diamond (Creator)
  • Claudia P. Gutiérrez (Contributor)
  • J. Harmanen (Creator)
  • D. Hiramatsu (Creator)
  • T. W.S. Holoien (Contributor)
  • Griffin Hosseinzadeh (Creator)
  • D. A. Howell (Contributor)
  • Y. Huang (Creator)
  • C. Inserra (Creator)
  • T. De Jaeger (Contributor)
  • S. Jha (Creator)
  • Tuomas Kangas (Creator)
  • Markus Kromer (Creator)
  • J. D. Lyman (Creator)
  • Kate Maguire (Creator)
  • G. Howie Marion (Creator)
  • Dan Milisavljevic (Creator)
  • Simon Prentice (Creator)
  • A. Razza (Creator)
  • T. Reynolds (Creator)
  • David J Sand (Creator)
  • B. J. Shappee (Creator)
  • R. Shekhar (Creator)
  • S. Smartt (Creator)
  • Keivan G. Stassun (Creator)
  • M. Sullivan (Creator)
  • S. Valenti (Creator)
  • S. Villanueva (Creator)
  • Xiao feng Wang (Creator)
  • J. Craig Wheeler (Creator)
  • Q. Zhai (Creator)
  • Ju Jia Zhang (Creator)
  • E.Y. Hsiao (Creator)
  • E. Baron (Creator)
  • S. Blondin (Creator)
  • J.F. Burke (Creator)
  • C. R. Burns (Creator)
  • M. Della Valle (Creator)
  • C.P. Gutierrez (Creator)
  • S.W. Jha (Creator)
  • K. Maguire (Creator)
  • David J. Sand (Creator)
  • B. J. Shappee (Creator)
  • S. Valenti (Creator)



VizieR online Data Catalogue associated with article published in journal Astronomy & Astrophysics with title 'Evidence for a Chandrasekhar-mass explosion in the Ca-strong 1991bg-like type Ia supernova 2016hnk.' (bibcode: 2019A&A...630A..76G)
Date made available2019
PublisherCentre de Donnees Strasbourg (CDS)
  • Evidence for a Chandrasekhar-mass explosion in the Ca-strong 1991bg-like type Ia supernova 2016hnk

    Galbany, L., Ashall, C., Höflich, P., González-Gaitán, S., Taubenberger, S., Stritzinger, M., Hsiao, E. Y., Mazzali, P., Baron, E., Blondin, S., Bose, S., Bulla, M., Burke, J. F., Burns, C. R., Cartier, R., Chen, P., della Valle, M., Diamond, T. R., Gutiérrez, C. P., Harmanen, J., & 29 othersHiramatsu, D., Holoien, T. W. S., Hosseinzadeh, G., Andrew Howell, D., Huang, Y., Inserra, C., de Jaeger, T., Jha, S. W., Kangas, T., Kromer, M., Lyman, J. D., Maguire, K., Howie Marion, G., Milisavljevic, D., Prentice, S. J., Razza, A., Reynolds, T. M., Sand, D. J., Shappee, B. J., Shekhar, R., Smartt, S. J., Stassun, K. G., Sullivan, M., Valenti, S., Villanueva, S., Wang, X., Craig Wheeler, J., Zhai, Q. & Zhang, J., 2019, In: Astronomy and astrophysics. 630, A76.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    Open Access
    34 Scopus citations

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