Roof-harvested rainwater pathogen ddPCR data

  • Jumana Alja'fari (Contributor)
  • Sybil Sharvelle (Contributor)
  • Nichole E. Brinkman (Creator)
  • Michael Jahne (Contributor)
  • Scott Keely (Contributor)
  • Emily A. Wheaton (Contributor)
  • Jay Garland (Contributor)
  • C. Welty (Contributor)
  • Michael C. Sukop (Contributor)
  • Thomas Meixner (Contributor)



Bayesian estimations of ddPCR molecules of virulence genes detected per ml of each sample and conversion of molecules to cells/cysts/oocysts per ml based on published estimates of gene copies per cell/cyst/oocyst.

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