Regions of acquired UPD at diagnosis of FL are associated with both overall survival and risk of transformation

  • D. M. O'Shea (Contributor)
  • Y. Yang (Contributor)
  • J. G. Gribben (Contributor)
  • Andreas Rosenwald (Contributor)
  • German Ott (Contributor)
  • Elias Campo (Contributor)
  • L.M. Rimsza (Contributor)
  • Wing C. Chan (Contributor)
  • Nathalie Johnson (Contributor)
  • Randy D. Gascoyne (Contributor)
  • Louis M. Staudt (Contributor)
  • Jude Fitzgibbon (Contributor)



Accession Number: GSE14582

GPL2641: [Mapping10K_Xba142] Affymetrix Human Mapping 10K 2.0 Array

Organism: Homo sapiens

Published on 2009-01-30

SNP array analysis was performed using the Affymetrix 10K 2.0 Gene-chip array on DNA from 181 diagnostic Follicular Lymphoma (FL) patients to assess the prognostic relevance of aUPD. Genetic abnormalities were detected in 118/181 (65%) patients. Number of abnormalities was predictive of outcome; > 3 abnormalities was associated with inferior overall survival (OS) (p
Date made available2009
PublisherGene Expression Omnibus

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