Redshift catalog of galaxies in GOODS-South field

  • Aaron M. Morris (Creator)
  • D. D. Kocevski (Creator)
  • J. Trump (Creator)
  • Benjamin J Weiner (Creator)
  • N. P. Hathi (Creator)
  • G. Barro (Creator)
  • Tomas Dahlen (Creator)
  • S. Faber (Creator)
  • Steven L. Finkelstein (Creator)
  • A. Fontana (Creator)
  • H. C. Ferguson (Creator)
  • N. A. Grogin (Creator)
  • Ruth Grützbauch (Contributor)
  • Yicheng Guo (Creator)
  • L. T. Hsu (Creator)
  • A. M. Koekemoer (Creator)
  • D. C. Koo (Creator)
  • B. Mobasher (Creator)
  • J. Pforr (Creator)
  • M. Salvato (Creator)
  • T. Wiklind (Creator)
  • S. Wuyts (Creator)
  • Benjamin J. Weiner (Creator)
  • S.L. Finkelstein (Creator)



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  • 2015

    A WFC3 grism emission line redshift catalog in the goods-south field

    Morris, A. M., Kocevski, D. D., Trump, J. R., Weiner, B. J., Hathi, N. P., Barro, G., Dahlen, T., Faber, S. M., Finkelstein, S. L., Fontana, A., Ferguson, H. C., Grogin, N. A., Grützbauch, R., Guo, Y., Hsu, L. T., Koekemoer, A. M., Koo, D. C., Mobasher, B., Pforr, J., Salvato, M., & 2 othersWiklind, T. & Wuyts, S., Jun 1 2015, In: Astronomical Journal. 149, 6, 178.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    Open Access
    45 Scopus citations