Radio observation of the transient CSS161010

  • Deanne L. Coppejans (Creator)
  • R. Margutti (Creator)
  • G. Terreran (Creator)
  • A. J. Nayana (Creator)
  • Eric R. Coughlin (Creator)
  • T. Laskar (Creator)
  • K. D. Alexander (Creator)
  • Michael Bietenholz (Creator)
  • D. Caprioli (Creator)
  • Poonam Chandra (Creator)
  • M. R. Drout (Creator)
  • D. D. Frederiks (Creator)
  • C. Frohmaier (Creator)
  • K. Hurley (Creator)
  • C. S. Kochanek (Creator)
  • Morgan MacLeod (Creator)
  • Aaron M. Meisner (Creator)
  • P. E. Nugent (Creator)
  • A. V. Ridnaia (Creator)
  • David J Sand (Creator)
  • D. S. Svinkin (Creator)
  • C. Ward (Creator)
  • S. Yang (Creator)
  • A. Baldeschi (Creator)
  • Igor V. Chilingarian (Creator)
  • Y. Dong (Creator)
  • C. Esquivia (Creator)
  • W. Fong (Creator)
  • C. Guidorzi (Creator)
  • Peter Lundqvist (Creator)
  • Dan Milisavljevic (Creator)
  • K. Paterson (Creator)
  • D. E. Reichart (Creator)
  • B. J. Shappee (Creator)
  • Michael Stroh (Creator)
  • S. Valenti (Creator)
  • B. A. Zauderer (Creator)
  • B. Zhang (Creator)


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  • 2020

    A Mildly Relativistic Outflow from the Energetic, Fast-rising Blue Optical Transient CSS161010 in a Dwarf Galaxy

    Coppejans, D. L., Margutti, R., Terreran, G., Nayana, A. J., Coughlin, E. R., Laskar, T., Alexander, K. D., Bietenholz, M., Caprioli, D., Chandra, P., Drout, M. R., Frederiks, D., Frohmaier, C., Hurley, K. H., Kochanek, C. S., MacLeod, M., Meisner, A., Nugent, P. E., Ridnaia, A., Sand, D. J., & 18 othersSvinkin, D., Ward, C., Yang, S., Baldeschi, A., Chilingarian, I. V., Dong, Y., Esquivia, C., Fong, W., Guidorzi, C., Lundqvist, P., Milisavljevic, D., Paterson, K., Reichart, D. E., Shappee, B., Stroh, M. C., Valenti, S., Zauderer, B. A. & Zhang, B., May 20 2020, In: Astrophysical Journal Letters. 895, 1, L23.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    43 Scopus citations