Pulsed and CW Gaussian beam interactions with double negative metamaterial slabs

  • Richard W. Ziolkowski (Creator)



The interactions of pulsed and continuous wave (CW) Gaussian beams with double negative (DNG) metatmaterials are considered. Sub-wavelength focusing of a diverging, normally incident pulsed Gaussian beam with a planar DNG slab is demonstrated. The negative angle of refraction behavior associated with the negative index of refraction exhibited by DNG metamaterials is demonstrated. The transmitted beam resulting from both 3-cycle and CW Gaussian beams that are obliquely incident on a DNG slab are shown to have this property. Gaussian beams that undergo total internal reflection from a DNG metamaterial slab are also shown to experience a negative Goos-Hänchen (lateral) shift. Several potential applications for these effects in the microwave and optical regimes are discussed.
Date made available2003

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