Photonic analogue of Mollow triplet with on-chip photon pair generation in dressed modes

  • Chaohan Cui (Creator)
  • Liang Zhang (Creator)
  • Linran Fan (Creator)



Making analogy with atomic physics is a powerful tool for photonic technology, witnessed by the recent development in topological photonics and non-Hermitian photonics based on parity–time symmetry. Mollow triplet is a prominent atomic effect with both fundamental and technological importance. Here we demonstrate the analogue of Mollow triplet with quantum photonic systems. Photonic entanglement is generated with spontaneous nonlinear processes in dressed photonic modes, which are introduced through coherent multimode coupling. We further demonstrate the flexibility of the photonic system to realize different configurations of dressed states, leading to the controlled modification of Mollow triplet. Our work would enable the investigation of complex atomic processes and the realization of unique quantum functionalities based on photonic systems.
Date made available2021
PublisherThe Optical Society

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