PhanSST v0.0.1

  • Emily J. Judd (Contributor)
  • Jessica E Tierney (Contributor)
  • Brian T. Huber (Contributor)
  • Scott L. Wing (Contributor)
  • Daniel J. Lunt (Contributor)
  • Heather L. Ford (Contributor)
  • Gordon N. Inglis (Contributor)
  • Erin L. McClymont (Contributor)
  • Charlotte L. O’Brien (Contributor)
  • Ronnakrit Rattanasriampaipong (Contributor)
  • Weimin Si (Contributor)
  • Matthew L. Staitis (Contributor)
  • Kaustubh Thirumalai (Contributor)
  • Eleni Anagnostou (Contributor)
  • Margot J. Cramwinckel (Contributor)
  • Robin R. Dawson (Contributor)
  • David Evans (Contributor)
  • W. Gray (Contributor)
  • Ethan L. Grossman (Contributor)
  • Michael J. Henehan (Contributor)
  • Brittany N. Hupp (Contributor)
  • Kenneth G. MacLeod (Contributor)
  • Lauren K. O’Connor (Contributor)
  • Maria Luisa Sánchez Montes (Contributor)
  • Yi Ge Zhang (Contributor)



Pre-publication release of the PhanSST database of globally distributed Phanerozoic paleo-sea surface temperature proxy data. The database is currently under review at Scientific Data.
Date made availableSep 5 2022

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