Parker Solar Probe E1,2 Switchback Database

  • Mihailo M. Martinović (Contributor)
  • Kristopher G Klein (Contributor)
  • Jia Huang (Contributor)
  • Ben Chandran (Contributor)
  • J. Kasper (Contributor)
  • E. Lichko (Contributor)
  • Trevor A. Bowen (Contributor)
  • C. H.K. Chen (Contributor)
  • Lorenzo Matteini (Contributor)
  • Mike Stevens (Contributor)
  • Anthony W. Case (Contributor)
  • S. D. Bale (Contributor)



Switchback (SB), spike, or jet is defined as a structure in which the solar wind plasma flow changes direction with respect to the background solar wind. It is observed by the spacecraft as a magnetic field rotation, persisting for a brief period of time. This database contains the list of 1,074 visaully selected events from Parker Solar Probe Encounters 1 and 2.
Date made availableMar 3 2021

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