Oryza Sativa and Magnaporthe Grisea LongSAGE

  • Malali Gowda (Contributor)
  • Huameng Li (Contributor)
  • Chatchawan Jantasuriyarat (Contributor)
  • Songbiao Chen (Contributor)
  • Maria Bellizzi (Contributor)
  • Vishal Pampanwar (Contributor)
  • Hye Ran Kim (Contributor)
  • Eric Stahlberg (Contributor)
  • Rod A Wing (Contributor)
  • Cari Soderlund (Contributor)



LongSAGE library in this series are from 'Whole Genome Analysis of Pathogen-Host Recognition and Subsequent Responses in the Rice Blast Patho-System' project. This work is supported by NSF-PGRP #0115642. Keywords: other
Date made available2004

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