Numerical investigation of enhanced femtosecond supercontinuum via a weak seed in noble gases

  • C. Shanor (Contributor)
  • T. Ensley (Contributor)
  • David J. Hagan (Contributor)
  • E. W. Van Stryland (Contributor)
  • Ewan M Wright (Contributor)
  • Miroslav Kolesik (Contributor)



Numerical simulations are employed to elucidate the physics underlying the enhanced femtosecond supercontinuum generation previously observed during optical filamentation in noble gases and in the presence of a weak seed pulse. Simulations based on the metastable electronic state approach are shown not only to capture the qualitative features of the experiment, but also reveal the relation of the observed enhancement to recent developments in the area of sub-cycle engineering of filaments.
Date made available2016

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