Nuclear Enhancement of pi0 and eta mesons Produced at Large Transverse Momenta

  • J. Povlis (Creator)
  • J. Biel (Creator)
  • C. Bromberg (Creator)
  • C. Chandlee (Creator)
  • S. Cihangir (Creator)
  • S. R W Cooper (Creator)
  • T. Ferbel (Creator)
  • D. A. Garelick (Creator)
  • G. Glass (Creator)
  • M. J. Glaubman (Creator)
  • S. R. Han (Creator)
  • K. Heller (Creator)
  • S. Hossain (Creator)
  • J. Huston (Creator)
  • A. Jonckheere (Creator)
  • J. Lebritton (Contributor)
  • R. A. Lewis (Creator)
  • F. Lobkowicz (Creator)
  • M. McLaughlin (Creator)
  • M. L. Marshak (Creator)
  • E. A. Peterson (Creator)
  • E. Pothier (Creator)
  • K. Ruddick (Creator)
  • M. Shupe (University of Rochester, Northeastern University, University of Minnesota, Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory) (Creator)
  • P. Slattery (Creator)
  • G. Smith (Creator)
  • C. Nelson (Creator)



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  • 1983

    Nuclear enhancement of π0 and η mesons produced at large transverse momenta

    Povlis, J., Biel, J., Bromberg, C., Brown, B., Chandlee, C., Cihangir, S., Cooper, S. R. W., Ferbel, T., Garelick, D., Glass, G., Glaubman, M., Han, S. R., Heller, K., Hossain, S., Huston, J., Jonckheere, A., Lebritton, J., Lewis, R. A., Lobkowicz, F. & McLaughlin, M. & 8 others, Marshak, M., Nelson, C. A., Peterson, E., Pothier, E., Ruddick, K., Shupe, M., Slattery, P. & Smith, G. A., 1983, In: Physical review letters. 51, 11, p. 967-970 4 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    23 Scopus citations