Multiple arc systems in A1689

  • T. J. Broadhurst (Creator)
  • N. Benítez (Contributor)
  • Dan Coe (Creator)
  • K. Sharon (Creator)
  • Kerry Zekser (Creator)
  • R. L. White (Creator)
  • H. C. Ford (Creator)
  • R. Bouwens (Creator)
  • J. P. Blakeslee (Creator)
  • M. Clampin (Creator)
  • N. J G Cross (Creator)
  • M. Franx (Creator)
  • Brenda Louise Frye (Creator)
  • George F. Hartig (Creator)
  • G. Illingworth (Creator)
  • L. Infante (Creator)
  • F. Menanteau (Creator)
  • Gerhardt R. Meurer (Creator)
  • M. Postman (Creator)
  • David Ardila (Creator)
  • F. Bartko (Creator)
  • R. A. Brown (Creator)
  • Christopher J. Burrows (Creator)
  • Edward Cheng (Creator)
  • Paul D. Feldman (Creator)
  • D. Golimowski (Creator)
  • Tomo Goto (Creator)
  • C. Gronwall (Creator)
  • D. Herranz (Creator)
  • B. Holden (Creator)
  • N. Homeier (Creator)
  • J. E. Krist (Creator)
  • Michael P Lesser (Creator)
  • A. R. Martel (Creator)
  • G. K. Miley (Creator)
  • P. Rosati (Creator)
  • M. Sirianni (Creator)
  • W. B. Sparks (Creator)
  • S. Steindling (Creator)
  • H. D. Tran (Creator)
  • Zlatan Tsvetanov (Creator)
  • Wei Zheng (Creator)
  • Dan Coe (Creator)
  • Keren Sharon (Creator)
  • F. Menanteau (Creator)
  • Gerhardt R. Meurer (Creator)
  • M.P. Lesser (Creator)
  • G. K. Miley (Creator)
  • P. Rosati (Creator)



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  • 2005

    Strong-lensing analysis of A1689 from deep advanced camera images

    Broadhurst, T., Benítez, N., Coe, D., Sharon, K., Zekser, K., White, R., Ford, H., Bouwens, R., Blakeslee, J., Clampin, M., Cross, N., Franx, M., Frye, B., Hartig, G., Illingworth, G., Infante, L., Menanteau, F., Meurer, G., Postman, M., Ardila, D. R., & 22 othersBartko, F., Brown, R. A., Burrows, C. J., Cheng, E. S., Feldman, P. D., Golimowski, D. A., Goto, T., Gronwall, C., Herranz, D., Holden, B., Homeier, N., Krist, J. E., Lesser, M. P., Martel, A. R., Miley, G. K., Rosati, P., Sirianni, M., Sparks, W. B., Steindling, S., Tran, H. D., Tsvetanov, Z. I. & Zheng, W., Mar 1 2005, In: Astrophysical Journal. 621, 1 I, p. 53-88 36 p.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    Open Access
    278 Scopus citations