MOESM8 of Transcriptomic and evolutionary analysis of the mechanisms by which P. argentatum, a rubber producing perennial, responds to drought

  • Andrew D.L. Nelson (Creator)
  • Grisel Ponciano (Contributor)
  • Colleen McMahan (Creator)
  • Daniel C. Ilut (Creator)
  • N. Ace Pugh (Contributor)
  • Diaa Eldin M. Elshikha (Contributor)
  • Douglas J. Hunsaker (Creator)
  • William Duke Pauli (Creator)
  • Colleen M. McMahan (Creator)



Additional file 8: Table S4. List of putative guayule lncRNAs organized by conservation within the Asteraceae and presence of miRNA binding motifs.
Date made available2019

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