Meta-analysis on Stakeholder Engagement in the Co-Production of Knowledge for Environmental Decision-making



This dataset corresponds to a meta-analysis to examine the peer-reviewed scholarship on stakeholder engagement in co-production processes in environmental decision-making. The dataset was developed by searching keywords, abstracts, and titles in Scopus on three key themes: co-production, transdisciplinary, and community-based participatory research. A total of 709 publications were reviewed, from which 144 met the selection criterion. The 144 articles constitute this dataset. They pertain to articles published between January 2005 and June 2020. The data includes information on the following topics: Number of unique case studies reported The projects’ time span When stakeholder engagement activities occur during the project cycle Are stakeholders (non-university researchers) an author Geographic region of project Environmental issues addressed Geographic scale of project Types of stakeholders engaged How stakeholders were engaged What output resulted from stakeholder engagement Approach to stakeholder engagement Factors that enabled stakeholder engagement Barriers or challenges to engagement Societal impacts associated with stakeholder engagement Direct evidence of societal impacts of stakeholder engagement The methods and analysis are presented in "Stakeholder Engagement in the Co-Production of Knowledge for Environmental Decision-making," which was submitted for publication in 2022 to the Journal World Development. A draft of the manuscript can be provided upon request to authors.
Date made availableApr 2 2023

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