MaDCoWS. I. Catalog of z~1 galaxy clusters

  • A. H. Gonzalez (Creator)
  • Daniel P. Gettings (Creator)
  • M. Brodwin (Creator)
  • P. Eisenhardt (Contributor)
  • S. Adam Stanford (Creator)
  • D. Wylezalek (Creator)
  • B. Decker (Creator)
  • Daniel P Marrone (Creator)
  • Emily Moravec (Creator)
  • Christine O'Donnell (Creator)
  • B. Stalder (Creator)
  • D. Stern (Creator)
  • Z. Abdulla (Creator)
  • Gillen Brown (Creator)
  • J. E. Carlstrom (Creator)
  • K. C. Chambers (Creator)
  • Brian Hayden (Creator)
  • Yen Ting Lin (Creator)
  • E. A. Magnier (Creator)
  • F. Masci (Creator)
  • A. Mantz (Creator)
  • M. McDonald (Creator)
  • Wenli Mo (Creator)
  • S. Perlmutter (Creator)
  • Edward L. Wright (Creator)
  • Gregory R. Zeimann (Creator)



VizieR online Data Catalogue associated with article published in journal Astronomical Journal (AAS) with title 'The Massive and Distant Clusters of WISE Survey. I. Survey overview and a catalog of >2000 galaxy clusters at z~1.' (bibcode: 2019ApJS..240...33G)
Date made available2019
PublisherCentre de Donnees Strasbourg (CDS)

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