Large (≥30 m) boulders on Bennu and their upslope/downslope elevation differences

  • E. R. Jawin (Creator)
  • K. J. Walsh (Creator)
  • O. Barnouin (Creator)
  • T. J. McCoy (Creator)
  • R. Ballouz (Creator)
  • Daniella N. Dellagiustina (Creator)
  • Harold C. Connolly (Creator)
  • J. Marshall (Creator)
  • C. B. Beddingfield (Creator)
  • Michael Craig Nolan (Creator)
  • Jamie L. Molaro (Creator)
  • C. A. Bennett (Creator)
  • D. Scheeres (Creator)
  • Mike Daly (Creator)
  • M. M. Al Asad (Contributor)
  • R. T. Daly (Creator)
  • E. Bierhaus (Contributor)
  • Hannah C.M. Susorney (Creator)
  • H. H. Kaplan (Creator)
  • H. Enos (Creator)
  • Dante S Lauretta (Creator)



Bennu’s largest boulders. Indicates the location (lat, lon) of all boulders 30 m, and the measured difference in their upslope/downslope elevation. Description of methods and motivation for this analysis are included in the main text of the manuscript.
Date made available2020

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