Knockout PTTG1 HCT116 cells

  • Yun Zheng (Contributor)
  • Jinjun Guo (Contributor)
  • Jin Zhou (Contributor)
  • Jinjian Lu (Contributor)
  • Qi Chen (Contributor)
  • Cui Zhang (Contributor)
  • Chen Qing (Contributor)
  • Yunguang Tong (Contributor)



To identify potential PTTG1-targeted genes, total RNA from PTTG1+/+ and PTTG1-/- HCT 116 cells was isolated using the RNeasy Kit (Qiagen) and analyzed using Illumina microarrays (HumanHT-12_V4). Raw data were processed according to the manufacturer’s standard procedure and further analyzed using Partek 6.5. PTTG1-/- and parent HCT116 cells. Experiment is performed in triplicate
Date made available2015

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