Jemez River Basin Soil Solution Chemistry 2011 (New Mexico, USA)



***There is a newer version of this file**** Soil solution chemistry data from the Mixed Conifer Zero Order Basin (ZOB) site, Jemez River Basin Critical Zone Observatory (CZO). Soil solution samples in the Jemez River Basin field sites are collected with two types of soil solution samples: i) Prenart Super Quartz suction cups ( Prenart suction cups are optimized for all chemistry analyses and were installed without addition of Si-slurry to allow for artifact-free Si analyses. Applied suction for each Prenart is ~ 60kPa. ii) Custom made, fiberglass wick-based passive capillary wick samplers (PCaps, Perdrial et al. 2012). PCaps are optimized for water flux determination and sampling for organic carbon, most anions and metals. PCap samples should however not be used for major cations (Na, Mg, Si, K, Ca) and dissolved inorganic carbon because of artifacts from the fiberglass materials (see Perdrial et al (2014) for a complete list). Passive suction, based on the length of the hanging water column, is ~3 kPa. Soil solution samplers were installed in each of six pits in the Mixed Conifer Zero Order Basin (MC-ZOB) at 3 (PCaps) and 4 (Prenarts) depths. Pit locations were selected to capture differences in catchment aspect (SE facing: Pit 3 and 4, NW facing: Pit 1 and 6), landscape position (hollow Pit 2 and 5, planar Pit 1 and 6, divergent Pit 3, convergent Pit 4). All samplers are collocated with Decagon soil moisture and temperature probes.
Date made availableFeb 1 2017
PublisherInterdisciplinary Earth Data Alliance (IEDA)
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