Instances of mass movement morphologies on Bennu

  • E. R. Jawin (Creator)
  • K. J. Walsh (Creator)
  • O. Barnouin (Creator)
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  • Kevin James Walsh (Creator)
  • Olivier S. Barnouin (Creator)
  • M. C. Nolan (Creator)
  • D. S. Lauretta (Creator)



Table of mass movement morphologies on Bennu. Columns include location (lat, lon), morphologic type (boulder burial, rocks on rocks, particle organization, and mass flow), interpreted orientation of motion (0:N, 90:E, 180: S, 270: W), current slope, and slope delta in the modeled spin-up from a past spin rate of 5 hr to the current spin rate of 4.3 hr.
Date made available2020

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