Impact of Coral Growth on Geochemistry: Lessons from the Galapagos Islands

  • Emma V. Reed (Contributor)
  • Diane M Thompson (Contributor)
  • Julia Cole (Contributor)
  • J. M. Lough (Contributor)
  • Neal E. Cantin (Contributor)
  • Anson H. Cheung (Contributor)
  • Alexander W. Tudhope (Contributor)
  • Lael Vetter (Contributor)
  • Gloria Jimenez (Contributor)
  • R. Lawrence Edwards (Contributor)



These datasets include trace element (Sr/Ca, Mg/Ca, and partial Ba/Ca) and coral growth metrics (skeletal density, annual extension rate, and annual calcification rate) for four coral records from Wolf Island, Galapagos: WLF03, WLF04, WLF05, and WLF10. Trace metal and coral skeletal density data are given after interpolating to monthly resolution, and, as in the publication, data are not averaged between overlapping transects to produce a single continuous time series. Analytical precisions are given in the metadata for each record. Trace element data were corrected to an internal coral standard, and the inter-laboratory standard JCp-1 was measured for comparison. WLF04 and WLF05 are cored from the same subfossil coral colony and U/Th dated; WLF10 and WLF03 were collected from different live coral colonies. Both monthly data (trace elements, density) and annual data (trace elements, density, extension, and calcification) are given, where “annual” is defined as the time between successive March tie points, determined from Sr/Ca minima (inferred SST maxima). WLF03 and WLF10 Sr/Ca were previously published in Jimenez et al. (2018) (, and the data here differ slightly from the prior publication: these data are presented in monthly resolution (as opposed to bimonthly resolution), are corrected to updated known values of the internal coral standard, and are not averaged between overlapping transects. Additionally, colony growth data (density, extension, and calcification) are new in this study.
Date made availableMar 1 2021

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