Imaging polarimetry through metasurface polarization gratings

  • Noah A. Rubin (Creator)
  • Paul Chevalier (Creator)
  • Michael Juhl (Creator)
  • Michele Tamagnone (Creator)
  • Russell A Chipman (Creator)
  • Federico Capasso (Creator)



Metasurfaces—subwavelength arrays of phase-shifting elements—present new possibilities for polarization optics and polarimetry. In particular, a periodic, polarization-sensitive metasurface diffraction grating can enable full-Stokes imaging polarimetry with a single polarization-sensitive component. In this work, we show that a suitably-designed metasurface grating can serve as a polarimetric “attachment” to an existing intensity-only imaging system, converting it into one capable of full-Stokes imaging polarimetry. Design rules and tradeoffs governing this adaptation are described and demonstrated using a machine vision imaging system as an example
Date made available2022
PublisherOptica Publishing Group

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