Imaging-based clusters in current smokers of the COPD cohort associate with clinical characteristics: the SubPopulations and Intermediate Outcome Measures in COPD Study (SPIROMICS)

  • Babak Haghighi (Creator)
  • Sanghun Choi (Contributor)
  • Jiwoong Choi (Contributor)
  • Eric A. Hoffman (Creator)
  • Alejandro Comellas (Creator)
  • J. Newell (Creator)
  • R. Graham Barr (Contributor)
  • Eugene Bleecker (Creator)
  • Christopher B. Cooper (Creator)
  • David Couper (Creator)
  • M. Han (Creator)
  • N. Hansel (Creator)
  • Richard E. Kanner (Creator)
  • E. Kazerooni (Creator)
  • Eric C. Kleerup (Creator)
  • Fernando J. Martinez (Creator)
  • Wanda K. O'Neal (Contributor)
  • S. Rennard (Creator)
  • Prescott G. Woodruff (Contributor)
  • Ching Long Lin (Contributor)



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