Human NAMPT in complex with substrate NAM and small molecule activator NP-A1-S

  • Kiira Ratia (Contributor)
  • Zhengnan Shen (Contributor)
  • Jesse M. Gordon-Blake (Contributor)
  • Hyun Lee (Contributor)
  • Megan S. Laham (Contributor)
  • Isabella S. Krider (Contributor)
  • Nicholas Christie (Contributor)
  • Martha Ackerman-Berrier (Contributor)
  • Christopher Penton (Contributor)
  • Natalie G. Knowles (Contributor)
  • Soumya Reddy Musku (Contributor)
  • Jiqiang Fu (Contributor)
  • Ganga Reddy Velma (Contributor)
  • Rui Xiong (Contributor)
  • Gregory Thatcher (Contributor)


Date made availableMar 8 2023
PublisherProtein Data Bank (PDB)

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