HR 8799e and HR 8799d spectra

  • A. Zurlo (Creator)
  • A. Vigan (Creator)
  • Raphael Galicher (Creator)
  • A. L. Maire (Creator)
  • D. Mesa (Creator)
  • R. Gratton (Creator)
  • G. Chauvin (Creator)
  • M. Kasper (Creator)
  • C. Moutou (Creator)
  • M. Bonnefoy (Creator)
  • S. Desidera (Creator)
  • L. Abe (Creator)
  • Daniel Apai (Creator)
  • Andrea Baruffolo (Creator)
  • Pierre Baudoz (Creator)
  • Jacques Baudrand (Creator)
  • Jean Luc Beuzit (Creator)
  • P. Blancard (Creator)
  • A. Boccaletti (Creator)
  • Faustine Cantalloube (Creator)
  • M. Carle (Creator)
  • E. Cascone (Creator)
  • J. Charton (Creator)
  • R. U. Claudi (Creator)
  • A. Costille (Creator)
  • V. De Caprio (Creator)
  • K. Dohlen (Creator)
  • C. Dominik (Creator)
  • Daniela Fantinel (Creator)
  • P. Feautrier (Creator)
  • M. Feldt (Creator)
  • T. Fusco (Creator)
  • P. Gigan (Creator)
  • J. H V Girard (Creator)
  • D. Gisler (Creator)
  • L. Gluck (Creator)
  • C. Gry (Creator)
  • Thomas Henning (Creator)
  • E. Hugot (Creator)
  • M. Janson (Creator)
  • M. Jaquet (Creator)
  • A. M. Lagrange (Creator)
  • Maud P. Langlois (Creator)
  • M. Llored (Creator)
  • F. Madec (Creator)
  • Y. Magnard (Creator)
  • P. Martinez (Creator)
  • D. Maurel (Creator)
  • Dimitri Mawet (Creator)
  • Michael Meyer (Creator)
  • Julien Milli (Creator)
  • O. Moeller-Nilsson (Creator)
  • D. Mouillet (Creator)
  • A. Origne (Creator)
  • A. Pavlov (Creator)
  • C. Petit (Creator)
  • P. Puget (Creator)
  • Sascha P. Quanz (Creator)
  • P. Rabou (Creator)
  • J. Ramos (Creator)
  • G. Rousset (Creator)
  • A. Roux (Creator)
  • Bernardo Salasnich (Creator)
  • G. Salter (Creator)
  • J. F. Sauvage (Creator)
  • Hans Martin Schmid (Creator)
  • C. Soenke (Creator)
  • E. Stadler (Creator)
  • M. Suarez (Creator)
  • Massimo Turatto (Creator)
  • S. Udry (Creator)
  • Farrok Vakili (Creator)
  • Zahed Wahhaj (Creator)
  • F. Wildi (Creator)
  • J. Antichi (Creator)
  • A. L. Maire (Creator)
  • M. Kasper (Creator)
  • M. Bonnefoy (Creator)
  • J. L. Beuzit (Creator)
  • T. Fusco (Creator)
  • J.H. Girard (Creator)
  • T. Henning (Creator)
  • A. M. Lagrange (Creator)
  • M. Langlois (Creator)
  • D. Mouillet (Creator)
  • A. Pavlov (Creator)
  • J. Ramos (Creator)
  • H.M. Schmid (Creator)
  • S. Udry (Creator)



VizieR online Data Catalogue associated with article published in journal Astronomy & Astrophysics with title 'First light of the VLT planet finder SPHERE. III. New spectrophotometry and astrometry of the HR 8799 exoplanetary system.' (bibcode: 2016A&A...587A..57Z)
Date made available2016
PublisherCentre de Donnees Strasbourg (CDS)
  • First light of the VLT planet finder SPHERE: III. New spectrophotometry and astrometry of the HR 8799 exoplanetary system

    Zurlo, A., Vigan, A., Galicher, R., Maire, A. L., Mesa, D., Gratton, R., Chauvin, G., Kasper, M., Moutou, C., Bonnefoy, M., Desidera, S., Abe, L., Apai, D., Baruffolo, A., Baudoz, P., Baudrand, J., Beuzit, J. L., Blancard, P., Boccaletti, A., Cantalloube, F., & 55 othersCarle, M., Cascone, E., Charton, J., Claudi, R. U., Costille, A., De Caprio, V., Dohlen, K., Dominik, C., Fantinel, D., Feautrier, P., Feldt, M., Fusco, T., Gigan, P., Girard, J. H., Gisler, D., Gluck, L., Gry, C., Henning, T., Hugot, E., Janson, M., Jaquet, M., Lagrange, A. M., Langlois, M., Llored, M., Madec, F., Magnard, Y., Martinez, P., Maurel, D., Mawet, D., Meyer, M. R., Milli, J., Moeller-Nilsson, O., Mouillet, D., Origne, A., Pavlov, A., Petit, C., Puget, P., Quanz, S. P., Rabou, P., Ramos, J., Rousset, G., Roux, A., Salasnich, B., Salter, G., Sauvage, J. F., Schmid, H. M., Soenke, C., Stadler, E., Suarez, M., Turatto, M., Udry, S., Vakili, F., Wahhaj, Z., Wildi, F. & Antichi, J., Mar 1 2016, In: Astronomy and astrophysics. 587, A57.

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticlepeer-review

    Open Access
    132 Scopus citations

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