Heart Failure, DITPA and Captopril

  • Niranjan Maitra (Contributor)
  • Cynthia Adamson (Contributor)
  • Kevin A. Greer (Contributor)
  • Scott E Klewer (Contributor)
  • James B. Hoying (Contributor)
  • Steven Goldman (Department of Veterans Affairs) (Contributor)
  • Eugene Morkin (Contributor)



Three weeks after infarction, age matched rats with large infarction by ECG criteria were randomly assigned to one of the three groups: 1) Treatment with Captopril for 21 days and a daily subcutaneous dose of DITPA for the last 10 days of treatment, 2) Treatment for 10 days with DITPA alone, 3) Control heart failure and 4) Sham-operated. Keywords: Drug Effects on Heart Failure Total RNA was prepared from left ventricle using TRIzol and later Poly A+ RNA was isolated with Oligotex beads. About 0.5ug Poly A+ RNA was reverse transcribed and labeled with Alexa Fluor 546 and 647. Labeled probed were hybridized with Operon's rat Unigene oligo library printed on glass slides. After 2 lows and 1 high stringency washes, Prolong Antifade was added to the slides to prevent any bleaching effect. The experiments were repeated 2-4 times by dye-swaping. Slides were scanned in Array Worx scanner with dual wave length. The data ratio was normalized using a location and intensity dependent Lowess formula.
Date made available2010

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