Healthy families: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial of a screening, brief intervention, and referral to treatment intervention for caregivers to reduce secondhand smoke exposure among pediatric emergency patients

  • E. Melinda Mahabee-Gittens (Contributor)
  • Robert T. Ammerman (Creator)
  • Jane C. Khoury (Creator)
  • Lara Stone (Creator)
  • Gabe T. Meyers (Creator)
  • John K. Witry (Creator)
  • Ashley L. Merianos (Creator)
  • Tierney F. Mancuso (Creator)
  • Kristin M.W. Stackpole (Creator)
  • Berkeley L. Bennett (Contributor)
  • Laura Akers (Creator)
  • Judith S Gordon (Creator)



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