Global squamate presence-absence matrix

  • Patrick R. Stephens (Contributor)
  • Maxwell Farrell (Contributor)
  • John Gittleman (Contributor)
  • Shai Meiri (Contributor)
  • Uri Roll (Contributor)
  • John J Wiens (Contributor)



This dataset contains a global presence-absence matrix for 10,215 species of terrestrial squamates (lizards and snakes), constructed from the GARD 1.5 species range shapefiles. Suitable for global diversity analyses using the R package LetsR. It consists of a list including three elements (1) a presence-absence matrix for all 96x96 km global terrestrial grid cells (48800 grid cells have at least one species), (2) a raster summarizing global richness patterns, and (3) a list of species.
Date made availableNov 7 2022

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