Genome-wide Patterns of Population Structure and Admixture among Hispanic/Latino Populations

  • Katarzyna Bryc (Contributor)
  • Christopher Velez (Contributor)
  • Tatiana Karafet (Contributor)
  • Andres Moreno-Estrada (Contributor)
  • A. Reynolds (Contributor)
  • Adam Auton (Contributor)
  • Michael Hammer (Contributor)
  • H. Ostrer (Contributor)



Hispanic/Latino populations possess a complex genetic structure that reflects recent admixture among and potentially ancient substructure within Native American, European, and West African source populations. Here, we quantify genome-wide patterns of SNP and haplotype variation among 100 individuals with ancestry from Ecuador, Colombia, Puerto Rico, and the Dominican Republic genotyped using Illumina technology. To investigate variations of continental ancestry between different Hispanic/Latino groups (using self-reported country-specific identification of individual, both parents, and all four grandparents) and within them from healthy controls represented in the New York Health Project Biorepository. Genotyped on the Illumina 610-Quad, which is identical to HumanHap550-v3 SNPs plus an additional ~60,000 SNPs for CNV, no CNV data is provided or was analyzed.
Date made available2010

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