Gene expression profiles of antigen-specific CD4+ T cells from mice carrying T cell-specific deletions of MyD88 or IL6Ra

  • Dominik Schenten (Contributor)
  • Shuang Yu (Contributor)
  • Xiting Yan (Contributor)
  • Igor Brodsky (Contributor)
  • Lesley Pasman (Contributor)
  • Brian Yordy (Contributor)
  • Hongyu Zhao (Contributor)
  • Ruslan Medzhitov (Contributor)



2W:I-A(b) specific CD4+ T cells were isolated from immunized knock-out mice and wild-type controls on day 7 post immunization and the gene expression profiles of the cells were compared Antigen-specifc CD4+ T cells were isolated and pooled from 4 independent experiments. The samples represent antigen-specific T cells from 15-30 mice per genotype.
Date made available2014

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