Gene expression analysis of human prostate cell lines with and without tumor metastasis suppressor CD82

  • Pushpaja Dodla (Contributor)
  • Vanitha Bhoopalan (Contributor)
  • Sok Kean Khoo (Creator)
  • Cynthia Miranti (Creator)
  • Suganthi Sridhar (Creator)



Abstract Background Tetraspanin CD82 is a tumor metastasis suppressor that is known to down regulate in various metastatic cancers. However, the exact mechanism by which CD82 prevents cancer metastasis is unclear. This study aims to identify genes that are regulated by CD82 in human prostate cell lines. Methods We used whole human genome microarray to obtain gene expression profiles in a normal prostate epithelial cell line that expressed CD82 (PrEC-31) and a metastatic prostate cell line that does not express CD82 (PC3). Then, siRNA silencing was used to knock down CD82 expression in PrEC-31 while CD82 was re-expressed in PC3 to acquire differentially-expressed genes in the respective cell line. Results Differentially-expressed genes with a P
Date made available2020

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