Fractures on Bennu's boulders

  • Marco Delbó (Contributor)
  • Christophe Matonti (Contributor)
  • Justin Wilkerson (Contributor)
  • Maurizio Pajola (Contributor)
  • M. M. Al Asad (Contributor)
  • C. Avdellidou (Contributor)
  • R. Ballouz (Contributor)
  • C. A. Bennett (Contributor)
  • Harold C. Connoly (Contributor)
  • Daniella N. Dellagiustina (Contributor)
  • Dathon Golish (Contributor)
  • Jamie L. Molaro (Contributor)
  • Bashar Rizk (Contributor)
  • Stephen R. Schwartz (Contributor)
  • Dante S Lauretta (Contributor)



This is the data set corresponding to the publication entitled Alignment of fractures on Bennu’s boulders indicative of rapid asteroid surface evolution, by the same authors, which is to be published by Nature Geoscience.
Date made availableMay 5 2022

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